St. Elizabeth Maternity Center

We believe that every birth is a miracle and every miracle is unique

Maternity Center

At St. Elizabeth, we believe that every birth is a miracle and every miracle is unique. We want your birth experience to truly be your own—we take into account your family, traditions, customs, and beliefs as well as your physical health. You and your baby are always in good hands at CHI Health St. Elizabeth. We believe every birth -- regardless of life's unpredictable nature – can be skillfully managed when an expert team is in place. Find an OB/GYN here.

Award Winning Maternity Care

St. Elizabeth is the first hospital in the nation to receive two Gold Seals of Approval™ from The Joint Commission for our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and high-risk obstetrics. We are one of only six hospitals in the nation to receive this award for pre-term labor and one of only nine hospitals to receive the award for prematurity.

At St. Elizabeth, you'll find a welcoming, comfortable environment. A team of affiliated obstetricians work side-by-side with labor and delivery nurses and other maternity staff to deliver the highest quality care for moms and babies.

If a high-risk situation arises, the maternal high-risk team and the neonatal intensive care unit have the experience needed to take care of you and your baby. Both provide award-winning care unsurpassed by any other facility in the state or region.

OB/GYN Hospitalists

As another added layer of safety, St. Elizabeth offers board certified OB/GYN hospitalists.  A hospitalist is a physician who specializes in caring for patients in the hospital. If your physician is not present when you arrive at Labor and Delivery, our board-certified OB/GYN hospitalists are available to all expectant mothers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are the first in Lincoln to make hospital-based obstetricians, called OB/GYN hospitalists, available to all expectant mothers.

OB hospitalists work as an extension and not in place of your personal provider. Your provider is always in charge of your care.

Our OB/GYN hospitalists offer you quality care and peace of mind. If an emergency occurs, the OB/GYN hospitalist can provide expert care for mom and baby while maintaining close communication with you, your family and physician. An OB/GYN Hospitalist can:

  • Evaluate the progress of your labor
  • Review test results and fetal heart tracings
  • Stay on top of any problems that may be evolving
  • Ensure a safe delivery for you and your baby
  • Coordinate care with your physician

Maternity Center Tours

Maternity Center Tour for Expectant Parents

A free tour designed for expectant parents to become familiar with our award-winning care and where to go prior to your baby's arrival. You will see our healing and nurturing environment at our Maternity Center - spa-style suites with whirlpools behind French doors, family bistro and family-friendly areas. Register Here.

Maternity Center Family Tour for Expectant Families

A free tour designed for expectant parents and their children. Your family will become familiar with our award-winning care, see where little brother or sister will be born and where to go prior to your baby's arrival. Register Here.

Newborn Photography

To help you commemorate this special time in your family’s life, CHI Health St. Elizabeth provides professional photography services through Simply Because Photography. You will have the opportunity to view the photos of your newborn during your stay and select any images you would like to purchase.