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CHI Health St. Elizabeth Exterior

CHI Health St. Elizabeth

CHI Health St. Elizabeth, founded by the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration in 1889, is a full-service, 260-bed, nonprofit regional medical center. We are guided by our core values of Compassion, Inclusion, Integrity, Excellence, and Collaboration.

Excellent Services 

St. Elizabeth specializes in the treatment areas of newborn and pediatric care, women’s health, burn and wound, cardiology, oncology, emergency medicine, orthopaedics and neuroscience. 


St. Elizabeth has held the prestigious designation as a Magnet hospital since 2004. 

Commitment to Safety

Your safety is our highest priority. We’re constantly striving to improve.

This is one example of our many ongoing safety efforts.

Goal: Ensure patients are not at risk for serious injury or death after a fall

Action: Performed audits to ensure Intentional Hourly Rounding (checking on patients hourly) is occurring as expected

Result: Significantly reduced to an average of less than 1 preventable fall over last calendar 

The Only Magnet Hospital in Lincoln

CHI Health St. Elizabeth was designated as a Magnet organization in 2004, 2009, 2014, and 2019 by the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program® .

This prestigious designation recognizes excellence in nursing services. Learn more about St. Elizabeth's Magnet designation.

CHI Health St. Elizabeth

555 S 70th St. Lincoln, NE 68510

(402) 219-8000

Our Services

The CHI Health St. Elizabeth Regional Burn and Wound Center is internationally recognized for outstanding research and for providing the latest treatments and procedures for serious burns or for wounds that will not heal. 

Burn Care By Nebraska's Only Verified Burn Center

The CHI Health St. Elizabeth Burn Center, the region’s first and only dedicated burn trauma unit, continues to save lives throughout the multi-state region. We maintain verification by the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and the American Burn Association (ABA). This status validates our excellence.

This special designation offers burn patients and the community:

  • Specialized care, services, equipment and staff trained to treat the most critical burn injuries.
  • Expert treatment of complicated skin disorders, such as Stevens Johnson Syndrome and complex wound care.
  • Leadership in research, education and prevention.
  • Resource for training, education and physical therapy care at our Regional Hospitals and Emergency Medicine Services. 

Our Emergency Department is located on the west side of the hospital.

Trauma Care for Every Emergency

An accident happens in seconds, but the effects can be devastating. Critical and life-threatening injuries receive expert care at CHI Health St. Elizabeth, where we meet rigorous qualifications as a designated General Level Trauma Center through the Nebraska Statewide System of Care.

We are equipped to treat major traumas, such as serious burns, falls, assaults and car crashes, and our experienced team handles the most difficult cases, including those that need emergency surgery.

It’s trauma care you can count on, and kindness when it matters most.

Specially Trained 24/7 Emergency Staff

Our emergency room is staffed 24 hours a day by physicians and nurses who are specially trained in emergency care. We have state-of-the-art technology that assists our expert staff in evaluating, diagnosing and treating any type of illness or injury.

Advanced Emergency Care Includes:

  • Pediatric Place, emergency care unit designed for kids
  • Region’s only dedicated burn trauma unit and nationally verified Burn Center - verified by the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and the American Burn Association (ABA)
  • Highest level of recognition for stroke care - certified as a Primary Stroke Center by the Joint Commission

We are also recognized as one of the nation's top hospitals for quickest response times to heart attacks.

If you are currently experiencing an Emergency, please call 911

Pediatric Place Emergency Room for Kids

Pediatric Place is Lincoln’s only ER built for kids, offering

  • Kid-friendly rooms designed to calm little fears 
  • World-class staff who specialize in pediatric and emergency care
  • Level III NICU, staffed 24/7 by neonatal nurse practitioners
  • Private waiting room, so your child isn’t exposed to the adult ER
  • Relationship with Omaha’s Children’s Hospital for patients needing specialized care

You can rest assured your child will receive the best care possible in a comfortable environment that will ease their fears. When your child experiences a medical emergency, choose Pediatric Place.

We treat any condition you would seek emergency medical care for, including the following:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Bone fractures
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Poisonings
  • Severe allergic reactions
  • Severe burns

Pediatric Place is located on the west side of hospital by the emergency room entrance.

At CHI Health St. Elizabeth, our mission is to provide high quality care for the body, mind and spirit of every person. That mission extends far beyond the walls of our hospitals and clinics.

CHI Health at Home provides quality, comprehensive home health care services in the comfort and privacy of a home setting. CHI Health at Home believes the best place for someone to get better, and faster, is in their own home. Home is a place of comfort, a place where we can thrive. Every day, we work to find bold new ways to help our patients stay in their home longer, no matter what health concern they are facing. Our commitment is to provide the best quality and comprehensive home health to the communities we serve by offering unique services dedicated to meeting the total needs of our patients.

CHI Health at Home employs highly qualified clinicians with a passion for providing the highest quality home care to patients. We ensure seamless, coordinated care by working directly with physicians to tailor treatment plans for each patient. We also communicate regularly with your physician regarding your progress and response to treatments.

CHI Health at Home is proud to provide home care and hospice services to Lancaster County, Otoe County, Nemaha County, Cass County, Saline County, Saunder County, and Seward County.

Our home care services provide a unique blend of excellent patient care and support along with the highest level of customer service and superior outcomes. For more information on CHI Health at Home and the services offered, please contact:

Home Care 

Our commitment to your health and well-being doesn't end when you leave the hospital or doctor's office. There are times when you may need health care in the comfort of your own home, and CHI Health at Home, is proud to bring high quality, compassionate care to you.

Whether a patient is transitioning home from a hospital or nursing facility stay or is managing a chronic condition, our team ensures patients are safe and they retain their independence in a familiar environment.

CHI Health at Home provides a unique blend of excellent patient care and support along with the highest level of customer service and superior outcomes. Our skilled team consists of:

  • Nurses
  • Private Duty Nurses
  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech Therapists
  • Medical Social Workers
  • Home Health Aides

Specialty Programs

In addition to skilled nursing, therapy and personal care services, CHI Health at Home offers many Chronic Care Management programs. The goal of each program is to prevent future exacerbations, reduce emergent care and re-hospitalization, and improve the quality of life for our patients.

Cardio CareLink empowers and assists patients who have been diagnosed with heart failure and their caregivers in the management of their disease process in their home setting, while improving their overall quality of life.

Diabetes CareLink is a comprehensive chronic care management program to provide a consistent therapeutic intervention plan for the treatment of Diabetes, Type I and Type II.

HomeSight Program is designed to help reduce limitations due to visual impairments. Impaired vision is a leading cause of falls and accidents in the home. This program helps patients live more confidently, safely, and independently.

Ortho CareLink is a comprehensive chronic care management program to provide a consistent therapeutic intervention plan for recovery and rehabilitation following a total joint replacement or other orthopedic procedures.

Palliative CareLink is a comprehensive program which utilizes a holistic interdisciplinary approach to enhance quality of life for those patients and family members who are suffering from a chronic or terminal illness.

Skin and Wound CareLink is a comprehensive program that provides a consistent, therapeutic plan for the prevention and healing of wounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is home care?
Home care provides individualized skilled care for patients with a medical condition or patients who are recovering from surgery in their own homes.

Who receives this type of care?
Home care is for patients of all ages—from birth to older adult.

When are CHI Health at Home services available?
CHI Health at Home services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Do I need a referral to receive home care services?
Referrals or requests for information may be made by physicians, patients, family members, friends, clergy, and other members of the community.

Who pays for home care services?
Home care services are provided to the insured and uninsured alike. As an approved provider for most insurance companies in Nebraska and Iowa, we work with patients and their families to explain benefits and verify coverage before service begins—billing your insurance company directly to simplify the process and reduce your paperwork.

We customize our care to meet each individual’s needs with one on one, hands-on therapy. Our four locations offer convenience and comfort to treat conditions including neurological disorders, work-related injuries, balance mobility deficits, cancer rehabilitation, women’s health, sports injuries and post-operative needs. 

We provide Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy that can be used to treat many conditions including:

  • Breast Surgery Recovery
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation
  • Dry Needling
  • Ergonomics
  • Hand and Arm Rehabilitation
  • Lymphedema and Cancer Rehabilitation
  • Neurologic/Balance Rehabilitation
  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation
  • Outpatient Oncology Rehabilitation
  • Parkinsons Disease Therapy
  • Swallowing and Voice Rehabilitation
  • Total Joint Rehabilitation
  • Women's Health/Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
  • Vestibular/Vertigo Rehabilitation

We have four convenient locations across Lincoln:

Please call (402) 327-7517 to schedule an appointment.

CHI Health St. Elizabeth offers the most advanced robotic-assisted surgical technology available. St. Elizabeth was one of the first hospitals in the region to offer robotic-assisted surgery, and we are proud to offer the latest features in minimally-invasive surgery for these conditions:

  • Cardiovascular and Thoracic
  • General surgery
  • Gynecology
  • Urology

How Robotic-assisted Surgery Works

Robotic-assisted surgery is an effective, minimally invasive alternative to open surgery and laparoscopic surgery. It is performed through small incisions using fully articulating micro-instruments.

The Robot Does Not Replace Your Surgeon

It is important to note that robotic-assisted surgery does not place a robot at the controls, your surgeon is controlling every aspect of the surgery with its assistance. It cannot be programmed, nor can it make decisions on its own. The da Vinci System requires that every surgical maneuver be performed with direct input from your surgeon. It is essentially an extension of your surgeon's hands.


  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Less pain after the surgery
  • Lower risk of infection
  • Less blood loss and fewer transfusions
  • Less scarring & improved cosmetic healing
  • Faster recovery and return to normal daily activities

CHI Health St. Elizabeth Sleep Disorders Center offers a high-tech, soft-touch approach using an integrated, coordinated system. We have been helping patients since 1998, and expanded our services in 2008. We offer high standards of care and have received Accreditation from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Call us at (402) 219-8742.

We also offer:

  • An integrated, coordinated system with St. Elizabeth Home Medical Equipment on-site to fill patient equipment needs as well as providing clinical education and follow-up on equipment
  • Five-bed center with bedrooms just like "home"
  • Registered technicians
  • Board-certified sleep specialists managing patient care and follow-up 
  • Full lab services on-site
  • Convenient, attached and secure parking garage 
  • Quick and easy check-in (Admissions done in the Sleep Center)
  • Light breakfast options available

Common Sleep Disorders

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea a disorder in which an individual's breathing starts and stops, up to several hundred times per night while sleeping. This interruption in an individual's breathing pattern can be caused by a partial or complete obstruction in the air passage. During interrupted breathing patterns, blood pressure rises, while blood oxygen levels fall. These changes can create a significant strain on the heart, with long-term effects.

A majority of those suffering with sleep apnea are unaware that they have the condition. Many times, a person's bed partner notices the symptoms first. This can include loud snoring, pauses in breathing, restlessness, and excessive movement. Another sign of sleep apnea is excessive day-time drowsiness. Individuals suffering from sleep apnea may experience mood swings, morning headaches, forgetfulness, and chronic fatigue.

Typically affects men who are over the age of 40, who are overweight, and who snore. However, sleep apnea can affect slender individuals, as well as women and children.

Sleep apnea can be effectively treated once it has been diagnosed. Most individuals prefer a non-surgical approach to correct sleep apnea. These may include alterations in sleep habits and body positioning. Other treatments include: weight loss and use of mechanical devices, which assist in maintaining open breathing passages during sleep.


People with this disorder are often excessively sleepy. Taking a short nap may help alleviate the sleepiness for a short while, but often the sleepiness returns after two - three hours.

Sometimes people can have sleep attacks, meaning they can fall asleep while walking, eating, talking, and driving. They may experience muscle weakness during times of strong emotions. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Feeling of not being able to move (paralysis) when falling asleep or waking
  • Seeing things that are not there or feeling like someone is in the room with you (if alone)
  • Frequently waking up and difficulty falling back to sleep
  • Memory problems


Problems with Insomnia may occur in different ways, such as difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, waking up too early, or decreased sleep quality. Everyone at some point may experience some of these sleep problems, but when these problems happen frequently, then it is time to think more about your sleep. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Excessive tiredness during the day
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Mood changes
  • Worry or anxiousness about sleeping
  • Falling asleep during work or unexpectedly
  • Feeling tense

Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) - A strong urge to move the legs, resisting the urge to move the legs is very difficult and is only alleviated by moving the legs. Feelings of pain, crawling sensations, prickling, or tingling deep inside the legs are common. Sitting or laying still is difficult. The symptoms may be relieved by walking or rubbing the legs, but often only provides temporary relief. The urge to move the legs increases at night and may make it difficult to fall asleep. Sometimes the person may be unaware that the movement of the legs continues during sleep causing frequent interruptions. This condition of leg movements in sleep is called Periodic Limb Movements of Sleep (PLMS). Anyone can have problems of leg movements for a short while. Short term occurrences are often caused by being inactive for a long time or by unusually strenuous activities. However, frequent problems with moving the legs during sleep can cause daytime sleepiness leading to less energy. Some conditions associated with RLS or PLMS include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Kidney disease
  • Iron deficiency (or conditions creating low iron levels)
  • Disease of the nervous system
  • Medications

Problems with RLS or PLMS often increase with age. Symptoms of either RLS or PLMS first start to appear more often between the ages of 40-65. After eliminating the condition or treating the underlying problems that may cause RLS or PLMS, the problem may continue. In situations where RLS or PLMS continue, treatment with medications may be effective.

CHI Health St. Elizabeth provides complete diagnostic and therapeutic speech therapy services offered on an inpatient and outpatient basis. Our one-to-one interactions and individualized treatment helps our patients recover quickly. Our services are designed to maximize each patient’s cognitive, communicative and swallowing abilities. Our speech-language pathologists are certified by the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association, licensed by the state of Nebraska and hold masters degrees.

Areas of Expertise

  • Stroke rehabilitation
    • Receptive aphasia
    • Expressive aphasia
    • Dysarthria
    • Dysphagia
  • Voice Disorders
    • Hoarseness
    • Breathiness
    • Rough or scratchy voice
    • Harshness
    • Pain while speaking
    • Decreased pitch range
  • Vocal fatigue with prolonged use
  • Pediatric dysphagia
  • Adult dysphagia
  • Modified Barium Swallow studies/Videofluoroscopic Swallow studies 
    • Patient instructions prior to study
  • Laryngectomy and other head and neck cancer rehabilitation
    • Lymphedema

St. Elizabeth offers women a specialized focus on their unique needs - through a healing environment, advanced medicine and compassionate care tailored to meet women's distinctive and individual requirements. We have a deep understanding of the specific health care needs of women and our medical care is enhanced by the individual attention we provide. We know you put your heart into taking care of everyone around you. That's why we put that same passion and devotion into taking care of you. Our team of medical professionals focus on preventive care that promotes optimal health during each new stage of your life.

We are here when you need effective medical treatments that can heal and restore you, or help to manage chronic conditions, so you can still live life to the fullest. Whether your needs are learning more about wellness, menopause, preventative health screenings for cancer or fighting osteoporosis, our knowledgeable, experienced staff is here to answer your questions. 

St. Elizabeth provides compassionate care for women. That translates to high-quality care you can count on. Through a combination of leading-edge medical knowledge, innovative technology and sincere dedication to meeting a woman's unique health care needs, we are ready to help you achieve better health.

Get Care

CHI Health Clinic Women's Health (70th & A)

CHI Health Maternity Center at St. Elizabeth

CHI Health Birth Center Lincoln

CHI Health Clinic Maternal Fetal Medicine (St. Elizabeth)

CHI Health St. Elizabeth Louise D. Schleich Women's Health Center

At the CHI Health St. Elizabeth Louise D. Schleich Women's Health Center, we are proud to offer the highest level of technology and accuracy in diagnostic breast care, including education that empowers, quick and accurate mammography results, and a multidisciplinary clinic (MDC) for breast cancer treatment.

If anything suspicious is found, you will receive follow-up testing and an expert team consultation within days. It’s accurate, timely and comprehensive care designed to put you at ease. Learn more.

MD Save Procedures

CHI Health has partnered with MD Save to bring you savings on certain procedures at our facilities. Search for your needed procedure, purchase your discounted voucher online, and then follow the scheduling instructions for your provider. Present your voucher at time of service as proof of payment.