Weeks of Pregnancy Videos

Starting a family is an exciting time. Whether you're pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, you probably have lots of questions about what you need to do.

Use your relationship with your doctor as a resource for advice and information before, during and after your pregnancy. Together, you'll form a team to help your baby enter the world happy and healthy.

Below are some videos made by CHI Health Clinic OB/Gyn physicians about what you can expect at each stage of your pregnancy.

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Your baby weighs about three an a half pounds. At this stage, you're gaining about a pound a week. Half of that weight is going to the baby, so the baby will feel like it's stretching up into your ribs. This can cause shortness of breath or heartburn. Eating smaller portions, using antacids and sleeping in an elevated position can help discomfort. You should be feeling the baby move three to four times per hour.

At this visit, we will check your weight, urine and, blood pressure. The doctor will look for any signs of swelling in your hands, face and feet.

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