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Maternity Center at Immanuel

A warm, personal greeting from our experienced staff awaits you at Immanuel. Our large, private birthing suites are designed for you and your family's comfort during your entire stay. The birthing and postpartum suites have wood floors, etched glass windows and contemporary furniture; we want you to be as comfortable as you would be in your own home.

Immanuel also delivers 24-hour anesthesiology coverage. A neonatologist is available, and our maternity nurses are trained in all areas of care, including neonatal resuscitation. Breastfeeding educators are also available.

The maternity floor is highly secured and features a 24 hour full-service nursery with specially trained nurses. Room amenities include: jacuzzi tub, wireless internet access, sleeper sofa, rocking chair, love seat, easy chair, Queen bed, flat screen HDTV, DVD player, wireless internet access (Wi-fi), and more. For a personal tour, please call (402) 572-2580.

Contact Information

  • Registration: (402) 572-2022
  • Insurance & Financial Planning
    • Pre-payment plans: (402) 572-2068
    • Prior to delivery: (402) 572-2045
  • Labor & Delivery/Tours: (402) 572-2580
  • Newborn Nursery: (402) 572-2585
  • Patient Room Information: (402) 572-2580
  • Breastfeeding Educator: (402) 572-2580