CHI Health Birth Center at Lincoln

If you think childbirth should be more comforting than clinical - and question the necessity of hospital delivery - you know keeping it simple can get complicated. Until now. The certified nurse midwives at our stand-alone birth and wellness center offer expert care with a personal touch. Here, your wishes are respected and your body trusted. We know babies tend to arrive on their own terms. But a lot is up to you.

We’ll help you weigh your options and make the best decisions for you and your growing family.

Certified nurse midwives at The CHI Health Birth Center at Lincoln provide personal and holistic care in a home-like environment where women birth naturally. Our facility is Lincoln’s first and only freestanding birth center.

Our certified nurse midwives offer care for every life stage – from family planning to well-woman care.

With longer appointments and a personal approach, our midwives provide:

  • Annual exams
  • Preconception counseling
  • Family planning
  • Prenatal appointments (individual and group care options)
  • Discussions about birth preferences

Postpartum Care

  • Education class: Centering Pregnancy, Childbirth Preparation, Early Discharge Class and Breastfeeding Class

Under the care of our midwives, women can choose to deliver at CHI Health Birth Center or CHI Health St. Elizabeth.

CHI Health Birth Center offers:

  • Home-like environment with comfortable birthing suites
  • Queen or full-size beds
  • Free-standing tubs and in-suite bathrooms
  • Large family room and kitchen
  • Natural delivery options including, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, massage therapy, nitrous oxide and water births

CHI Health St. Elizabeth offers:

  • Spacious birthing suites in full-service hospital
  • Deep soaking tubs behind French doors
  • Water births
  • Pain management options including nitrous oxide, relaxation, medications and epidurals
  • Pre-warmed blankets and a daily dessert cart
  • Level III NICU with option for parents to stay at the hospital

Midwives at Birth Center at Lincoln

Shay R. Armstrong, MSN, CNM


Deann M. Barnard, MSN, CNM


Latrice D. Martin, MSN, CNM


Karen McGivney-Liechti, CNM-APRN, MSN


Katherine Yunghans, APRN, MSN, CNM