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Language Access

Meeting Your Communication Needs

Patients with communication assistance needs will find support through our Language Access Department. They are here to provide communication and language assistance through written document translation, in-person interpretation, telephonic interpretation, and video remote interpreting for limited and non-English speaking patients. Language assistance services and assistive devices are also available for people with vision, hearing or speech assistance needs. All Language Access services will be provided at no cost to patients.

If you would like information about or assistance from our Language Access Department, contact your health care provider, or call the Language Access Department directly at (402) 398-5622.   

Benefits of an Interpreter

  • Being professional interpreters, they ensure the message is delivered completely and accurately. They are trained in interpreting and translating medical terminology.
  • They remove cultural biases and promote neutrality between all parties.
  • They maintain patient confidentiality.

Correct and effective interpretation removes the “guess work” from receiving treatment. Providers are able to fully understand and assess the patient’s needs, resulting in clarity of diagnosis and treatment.

Living Our Mission

At CHI Health, we are committed to compassion and healthcare. By providing Language Access interpreters, we remove the burden of finding an outside interpreter or having patients or their families interpret for themselves. Language Access interpreters are also resources for our staff. They can help explain cultural differences and ensure our care is culturally sensitive, while allowing providers to focus solely on the treatment and well-being of the patient.

Interpreter Professionalism and Competency

Each of the CHI Health interpreters is subject to a rigorous hiring process. Upon hire, each interpreter continues to receive regular education, is encouraged to develop professionally and attend conferences on the newest developments in the field. They are also active in facility committees, meetings and planning sessions.


Cyracom is a telephonic interpreting service that is used in the event an CHI Health interpreter is not available. Cyracom dual-handset telephones with access directions are available throughout CHI Health facilities. 

Language Access services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at no charge by calling (402) 398-5622.