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Care Coordinators

What is a Care Coordinator?

A Care Coordinator is a nurse who helps you manage your disease, keeping you on track with medications, diet, and exercise. As your partner, your care coordinator connects you to doctors, specialists and other medical resources like nutritionists, social workers, and pharmacists. CHI Health Clinic has 28 Care Coordinators located in primary care clinics across the metro.

How will I benefit from a Care Coordinator?

As a result of working with a care coordinator, you’ll have the knowledge to manage your disease and access to resources that you need to get healthy and stay healthy. Do you have questions about medication, insurance or your overall health? Our Care Coordinators can help you understand and get you the education and care that you need.

What is the cost of a Care Coordinator?

There is no additional charge for a Care Coordinator.

How does a Care Coordinator work with my Primary Care Physician?

Care Coordinators do not take the place of your primary care doctor. They are a part of your medical team making sure all the pieces of your health care are delivered in a seamless way - helping you take charge of your care. Your care team will be lead by your primary care physician and may include others like a physician assistant, nurse practitioner and nurse. They also work with other health professionals, such as a pharmacist, nutritionist or social worker. Your Care Coordinator and primary care physician are in constant communication working together with you to get you healthy, stay healthy and access the care that is right for you.