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Diabetes Clinic Patient Testimonials


"Starting with Jessica, I got serious.  Being able to talk to people about what to do, and about how this is just healthy living, has helped me.  Doing the blood sugar testing every day helps me identify my patterns and fits into my life.  I like routine, and I haven't felt deprived."


"I have the tools to manage diabetes safely.  I brought my A1C down from 10.5 to 6.6.  Using the Dexcom was the turning point to knowing what my sugars are and being able to adjust up or down.  I'm not afraid to go to sleep for fear I will go too low.  I'm now able to eat more normally because I am on insulin. I can make choices about what I eat, and I know what to do depending on the choices I make.  I found out I didn't have type 2 diabetes, I have type 1.  When I got the tools, I saw how my blood sugars were doing. I know now that I have a pancreas that doesn't work.  I don't feel like I'm sick any more.  I have a situation that I have to manage and this is how I manage it."


"I didn't have the tools to manage diabetes well before this. The tools I had weren't cohesive to help in my lifestyle.  Now I get feedback right away and can make changes. Dexcom and Noom have helped to manage blood sugars.  We don't eat out now; we use a meal service to eat better."


"Exercise and making myself a priority helped me succeed.  I changed my lifestyle. I exercise at least 5 times a week and have started planning meals with my family.  I'm trying to teach my kids to make changes now to prevent diabetes later." Jeanne was able to lose 10 lbs in 60 days, and lowered her a1c from 8.3 to 5.9 without medication."


Jen's story began with a few events that lead her to have her blood drawn and was found to have a blood sugar level that was very high. She met with her primary care provider, then, she says:

"When Kate Nelson (primary care) checked up on me later that day, she had me come back to the clinic and gave me insulin samples to help regulate my blood sugars more and sent a referral to the diabetes clinic for more information. I was sent home and followed up with Aubrey Molgaard. My a1c at my first appointment was 9.5 which gave me the official diagnosis of diabetes type II. I was terrified. Being a nurse, I thought I knew what laid ahead with this diagnosis. Aubrey and Miranda (pharmacy) worked very closely with me to help monitor my blood sugars and titrate my insulin doses. I was on regular insulin as well as Lantus. Miranda and Aubrey checked in on me weekly to dose my insulin and review my CGM (continuious glucose monitor) results to ensure my blood sugars were adequate (not too high and not too low).

At my three month follow up my a1c went down to 5.7! I was thrilled. I was off my steriods and started weening off my insulins. As I was weening off my insulins, I was started on ozempic. I was finally weened off of my insulin and just on metformin (an oral diabetic medication) and the ozempic. After a couple months of taking ozempic I had lab work done. My cholesterol levels that were once elevated all came back down to normal levels as well as my liver enzymes from fatty liver. This was all great news! On top of it all, I had been loosing a bit of weight here and there which is always a plus. At my last follow up with Aubrey, my a1c was 5.3! Meaning my diabetes is technically in remission with my medications! I was beyond thrilled! I felt like I was in control of my life again.

Aubrey has been fantastic to work with and has helped me get my life back on track. No more insulin and down to weekly shots. My liver is improving as well as my heart. Kate Nelson, APRN and Aubrey Molgaard, APRN have been amazing through this whole process. I have nothing but amazing things to say about this clinic as a whole and the diabetes clinic."


"The best part of my experience with the diabetes clinic team was having the full support of a team who would work together and care for me throughout the ups and downs of my journey. I would not have been able to bring my A1C down as much as I did without the help and support I was given.  At the start, I felt hopeless and defeated, and that nothing would work for me. I had given up. Now that I have been working with the clinic I feel like we have finally found what works for me and I have the tools I need to continue to succeed!

I would like to recognize Ellen Thomsen for helping me with all things nutrition as I found it hard to eat properly for my diabetes. I struggle with being a picky eater, but Ellen helped me find things that worked for me and my body. I would also like to recognize Marcia Malone for trying everything she could think of to help me get to where I am and for starting me on the omnipod which has been so helpful to me and set me up for success. I want to also recognize Susan for educating me on everything I needed to know about my omnipod and preparing me for what to expect with it.

I am very grateful to everyone I've worked with on the clinic team. I am looking forward to what the future brings, and I know I will continue to succeed because of all the tools and help I’ve received during the time I’ve worked with the clinic."

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