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Diabetes educator working with an elderly patient

Diabetes Care

Have you just been diagnosed with diabetes? Navigating a new diagnosis can feel overwhelming and scary. We have a team of certified diabetes educators in clinics across the metro to support you in person and virtually.

We require a provider’s referral ahead of scheduling. Talk with your provider about a referral to diabetes education. We look forward to being a part of your journey towards better health. Here are 5 things you can do NOW to better your diabetes control:

  1. Move your body each day. Try walking, biking or even stretching.
  2. Start drinking water as your primary drink.
  3. Start eating more fruits and vegetables – fresh, frozen or canned.
  4. Try new stress management techniques like meditation, talking to a friend, coloring or reading.
  5. Ask your provider for a Blood Glucose Meter. Bring this meter to your education appointment so we can show you how to use it.

We recommend patients call insurance to check on their benefits for diabetes education prior to the first visit. Provide the codes below to your insurance company to learn what opportunities you have for education. If your specific plan does not cover these visits, we have cash-pay options available that you may qualify for.

Diabetes Education Billing Codes:

  • Diabetes Education Group Class: G0109
  • Diabetes Education Individual Appointments: G0108
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy: 97802

CHI Health primary care providers work with you to make sure your Diabetes is managed. A certified diabetes educator or an Endocrinologist may be involved in your care. We look forward to meeting you.


A referral is needed to see our Diabetes Education team.  With a referral, you can call to schedule, (402) 717-9115,  or chat our scheduling team. Chat agents available Monday - Friday, 8 a.m to 5 p.m.

CHI Health Diabetes Clinic

CHI Health Diabetes Clinic is for patients with diabetes who need ongoing diabetes management and check-ups. Our specialized team works with a patient’s primary care provider to coordinate care. Easy access and a collaborative approach can mean better disease management for people with diabetes. Learn more about all of our Diabetes Education services. 

We treat:

  • Type 1 Diabetes in Adults
  • Type 2 Diabetes in Adolescents and Adults

Our CHI Health Diabetes Clinics have a full list of Comprehensive services and Walk-in services. Many visit types can also be virtually via ZOOM or by phone. Please call or chat to schedule an appointment as normal. For questions, call (402) 717-9115.

Diabetes Health Risk Assessment

Take our comprehensive Diabetes Risk Assessment to help you identify if you are at risk for developing diabetes. You will receive a personalized report about your level of risk, and opportunities get help from our experts.

MD Save

Save up to 60% on Diabetes Education with CHI Health through MD Save!

HSA dollars can be used for voucher purchase! Provider referral is required for appointment. 

ADA Accreditation

The CHI Health Diabetes Education program is accredited by the American Diabetes Association.

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