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Frequently Asked Questions About the Non-employee Onboarding Process

Q: How do I start the on-boarding process?

At CHI Health the sponsor/manager starts the application. The application is houses on our intranet server and cannot be started by someone outside CHI.

Q: I don’t know who my sponsor is?

Your sponsor would be someone that is employed by CHI and is agreeing to sponsor you while you are working in our facilities. They may be the director of the unit or the person that schedules you for shifts. It differs for each area of the company.

Q: I never got the email from my sponsor?

Check all folders of your email box including the Junk mail. Connect with your sponsor to make sure they have the correct email address.

Q: I need access to the Alegent network and the CHI Network, how can I get both?

Your CHI sponsor will need to request both access through Identity Access Management. Depending on the location this may be through our TAGS system, Remedy, or User Access Request form.

Q: I am working in Iowa is that the same process?

Iowa requires 3 separate checks (criminal, Sex offender and Abuse check) completed via their website. Use these links to complete the checks. If you have questions please contact the state directly. Accurate cannot run these checks. Each of the checks must be ran for Iowa.

1. (Complete the Criminal History form and send to state)
2. (print results and file)
3. Adult and Child abuse check

Q: My company/School does not perform Sex offender checks?

Please log into and search by your name and print results and give to your company/school to file. If you use Accurate Background, they will perform this check for you.

Q: My company/School does not perform Nebraska Abuse checks?

The state of Nebraska also requires an abuse check. If your company/school does not perform you will need to complete a self-check. You would complete form CFS-F fillable and write self-check in the space where it asks for organizational information. If you have additional question on how to complete this form please contact the state directly at (402) 471-9272. You will need to give your results to your school/employer. Please see their website to complete the self-check paperwork. If you use Accurate Background, they will perform this check for you.

Q: My company or school does not perform the health screening that you require. Do I have to complete them?

If your company does not offer the screenings we require you may visit a CHI Health facility for assistance. You have the option of giving the results to your employer/school to hold and complete the normal application process OR you can talk with your sponsor about the independent provider process. Please contact the office to set up an appointment and payment if required. See locations.

Q: If I travel to different CHI Health facilities do I have to complete a packet each time?

Your application is good within CHI for one year. If you are moving facilities, then you need to have your sponsor complete a transfer form so we can update the information in the system.

After one year, you will be required to complete a renewal process and update your information. If you do not your access will be terminates.

Q: I completed all my paperwork, now what happens?

Your application was sent to HR to process and assign an ID number. We will send the ID number back to your manager. They will contact you when it is time to start.

Q: What is the mass load process?

When we have large groups that need to on-board with CHI Health the sponsor can ask HR to be approved to use a spreadsheet data entry as opposed to the application. In order to use this process it must first be approved and all parties need to understand the requirements and expectations.

Q: Do you still have a renewal process?

As we grow and add more facilities to CHI Health we are working to improve the renewal process. We anticipate all non-employees will participate in annual education around the same time as our employees do. We will give more information as that time comes closer.

Q: I am an employer/school. What is required on your attestation form?

For NE: Background check, sex offender check, Ne adult and Child abuse check, TB Test, MMR vaccination or titer, Chicken Pox Vaccination or titer, Hep B (depending on job), drug screen and Flu shot

For IA: SING check, TB Test, MMR vaccination or titer, Chicken Pox Vaccination or titer, Hep B (depending on job), drug screen and Flu shot

Q: How can I access the General Orientation?

The link for it is in the application or the frequently used links

Q: My application did not go through?

Usually that means it was not completed. All area must be complete and all required fields must be marked in order to submit. 

Q: What is a primary source licensure?

Defined by Joint Commission "Verification of an individual practitioner’s reported qualifications by the original source or an approved agent of that source. Methods for conducting primary source verification of credentials include direct correspondence, documented telephone verification, secure electronic verification from the original qualification source, or reports from credentials verification organizations (CVOs) that meet Joint Commission requirements. See also credentials verification organization (CVO)."  The definition of a CVO may be found in the glossary of the accreditation manual.

This means you cannot send a copy of your license. You must go out to the credentialing website and verify that it is an active license and use that for record purposes.

Q: I have nursing students coming to CHI Health and have questions, are there resources I can use?

Yes, please utilize our Undergraduate Nursing Student Toolkit provided here.