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Frequently Used Links

Frequently Used Links while on-boarding at CHI Health:

  1. Non-Employee General Orientation
  2. Mandatory Reporter:

    Starting July 1, 2019-There are new requirements for Mandatory Reporter training. Use the link to the Iowa Department of Human Services below to access the updated core training curriculum. This is the only approved training allowed in Iowa.

    The new training consists of two free courses through the DHS website: a two-hour child abuse module and a two-hour dependent adult abuse module. You must complete both. A one-hour child abuse and one-hour dependent adult abuse recertification training will be allowed as long as it is completed prior to the three-year expiration period. There is a pre and post-test to ensure competencies are attained. Participants will obtain a certificate of completion for each course. Both certificates need to be submitted to your school or agency for tracking purposes.

    Student Process:

    Students will complete the same process outlined above, except they will submit their certificates of completion to their school for tracking.

    These FAQs provided by Iowa Hospital Association help explain the new training requirements. If you have further questions or need clarification, please contact the Iowa Department of Human Services at 1 (800) 972-2017.
  3. Large Group with Attestations
  4. Epic Care Link Application
  5. Confidentiality Agreement 
  6. Dignity Health Employee Template
  7. Dignity Health Contractor Details Template
  8. Payer Agreement
  9. Large Group - No Attestations
  10. Dress Code Policy