Diabetes Education

At CHI Health, we are committed to improving the health of people at risk for diabetes or those living with diabetes.

In partnership with your physician, our diabetes educators provide a variety of outpatient services at most CHI Health locations.

A physician referral is required for individual instruction, group classes, nutrition therapy and gestational education. Check with your insurance company to see if Diabetes Education is a covered service.

Group Diabetes Education Classes

If you are newly diagnosed with diabetes or have been diagnosed in the past, the classes will help you improve your diabetes control. Classes are taught by a registered nurse or dietitian, pharmacist and exercise specialist.

Topics include:

  • What is diabetes?
  • Types and contributing factors
  • Blood sugar monitoring
  • Treatment options
  • Nutrition and meal planning
  • Medications and insulin
  • Exercise
  • Preventing and managing high and low blood sugar
  • Preventing and managing complications
  • Learning to live with diabetes
  • Goal setting and life style change

Individual Diabetes Education

While group class is our most comprehensive program, Individual instruction is also available for any of the group topics. Together with your diabetes educator, you can develop your best plan.

Diabetes Support Groups

People living with diabetes and their families are invited to learn more about diabetes at our support group. A variety of guest speakers provide information about the latest in diabetes care. All schedules are subject to change, call for dates. There is no cost for attending. To get more information about support groups contact (402) 717-1CDE (1233). 

Topics include:

Insurance and Billing

CHI Health Clinic accepts most health insurance plans. We ask that you bring your insurance card and insurance company filing address. If your insurance program requires a co-payment, we will collect it at the time of check-in.

Diabetes Educators

Michelle A. Berry, RN, CDE

Certified Diabetes Educator

Ashley Manhart, BSN, RN, CDE

Certified Diabetes Educator

Sue M. Ridder, BSN, RN, CDE

Certified Diabetes Educator

Susan Stogdill, RN-BC, BSN, CDE

Certified Diabetes Educator

Ellen A. Thomsen, MS, RD, LMNT, CDE, IFNCP™

Certified Diabetes Educator,
Registered Dietitian

Kristine Walahoski, RDN, LMNT, CDE

Certified Diabetes Educator,
Registered Dietitian

Pamela Wollenburg, CDE

Certified Diabetes Educator