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Monthly Meditations

Gracious Lord,

slow me down. In the midst of challenging news and anxious moments, help me hear your still small voice of assurance. Remind me that you are present in each moment, in each breath that I take. You call me to receive the peace only you can offer. Help me answer your call and dwell in your presence as I face the rush of each day. Amen



Let us together make unimaginable wonderful things!

Pictures on empty canvases

Shapes out of blobs of nothingness

Stories out of seeming randomness

Poems out of unassociated thoughts

Songs out of disconnected notes

Hope in the midst of fear

Calm in the midst of chaos

Solution in the midst of baffling matters

Strength in the midst of challenges

Relationships in the midst of strangers

May we live each day aware that the Spirit of life that flows with us, through us and between us, profoundly connects us to one another. May the awareness of the sacred connection that binds us shape all of our actions.