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Pastoral Care

When facing health care challenges and needs many people turn to a belief in God or a higher power. We are here to support patients’ spiritual needs as they connect with those relationships and resources which provide them with spiritual strength. We are committed to being a place where all may experience the healing presence of God. Some reasons patients, families and staff contact a chaplain: 

  • When seeking inner strength
  • When experiencing a transition
  • When talking to another person might help
  • When seeking prayer or a prayer partner  
  • When wanting to share a faith experience 
  • When exploring ethical issues
  • When feeling anxious or upset
  • When frightened or lonely
  • When frustrated or confused
  • When grieving a loss
  • When wanting to reflect on your thankfulness
  • When exploring forgiveness
  • When seeking connections with a faith community
  • When desiring communion or another sacrament

Contact us

Chaplains are available to support patients, families and staff. This support may be in person, over the phone, or virtually.

There are two ways to contact a chaplain:

  • Ask patient's nurse to contact the chaplain.
  • Call the hospital main phone number and ask to have the chaplain contact you.