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The CHI Health Sports Medicine team brings together Omaha’s most dynamic and diverse group of athletic health professionals

Sports Medicine

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Comprehensive Care from Sports Medicine Specialists

The CHI Health Sports Medicine team brings together Omaha’s most dynamic and diverse group of athletic health professionals—including certified strength and conditioning specialists, outpatient rehabilitation therapists, orthopedic and primary care physicians and athletic trainers. Whether you’re dealing with common injuries like strains, sprains and heat exposure, or more complex concerns like ACL injuries or concussions, you can count on seamless and comprehensive care every step of the way.

Supporting High School Athletic Excellence

In the spirit of effective prevention and thorough treatment of athletic injuries, the CHI Health Sports Medicine team uses a comprehensive approach:

  • Athletic trainers on-staff – Omaha-area high schools benefit from on-site access to certified athletic trainers (ATC) who serve as an active part of school athletic programs. These highly educated and skilled professionals specialize in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries, and work closely with physicians to coordinate care and faster access to appointments. Athletes of all ages and skill levels can benefit from their experience and advice to improve performance and avoid injury.
  • School sports physicals – Our athletic trainers, outpatient rehabilitation therapists and orthopedists make sure athletes are in shape and ready to win by administering comprehensive sports physicals.
  • Post-game clinics – Big games happen on Friday nights. So do sports injuries. On Saturday mornings in the fall, injured players have access to CHI Health athletic trainers and orthopedists at convenient clinic locations. The assessment is free, and athletes receive the best care possible by our sports medicine experts. Post-injury services include:
    • Advanced diagnostic services
    • Orthopedic surgery
    • Pain management
    • Physical therapy and rehabilitation (including aquatics)
    • Urgent care
  • Sportsmetrics™ for female athletes – Knee injuries are a major concern for athletes, parents and coaches. That’s why CHI Health Sports Medicine has certified specialists in Sportsmetrics™, the only published, scientifically proven training program that significantly reduces the risk of serious knee injuries in female athletes. This six-week jump training program incorporates proper stretching, special plyometric exercises and weight training.

Promoting Omaha-wide Health

CHI Health Sports Medicine isn’t just for school athletes. We provide community support for every active body, from little leaguers to weekend warriors. You’ll meet our helpful Sports Medicine staff at community events and high schools throughout Omaha.

The Value of Sports Injury Prevention

As injury prevention educators, our Sports Medicine program athletic trainers offer athletes enhanced care, including specialized women’s and men’s services, strength and flexibility training and ACL injury prevention. We also screen athletes for injury risks through a sports injury test which evaluates strength, function, flexibility and body mechanics. From there, you can receive Sportsmetrics™ training that increases muscular power and jump height, while decreasing impact forces at the knee.

Personalized Rehabilitation to Speed Healing

Post-injury individual rehabilitation is as important as initial treatment. Our outpatient rehabilitation therapists are doctorate-trained and available for appointments when it’s time for rehab. We offer traditional therapy in exercise programs to address muscle weakness or imbalance, as well as ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation and manual techniques to accelerate healing, restore movement and decrease pain.