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Mail-Order Pharmacy

To help avoid crowded areas, CHI Health Pharmacies can mail you your prescriptions at no cost. If you currently use a CHI Health pharmacy, just call in to request your medications be shipped to you.

If you are not a current CHI Health Pharmacy patient, call our Midlands location at (402) 827-4200 to request a transfer from your current pharmacy to ours, and have your prescriptions mailed to you.

The CHI Health Pharmacy-Midlands located in Papillion, NE, serves as the mail-order pharmacy for Nebraska and Iowa.

How Do I Get Set Up with CHI Health Mail-Order Pharmacy?

In order to begin using the CHI Health Pharmacy for your mail order prescriptions you may contact the pharmacy at (402) 827-4200 or via e-mail at [email protected].

The pharmacy staff will assist in gathering some necessary information about you and your family so that we can begin processing mail order prescriptions for you.

Download the demographics form.

How to Refill Prescriptions

Prescription refills can be ordered in a few different ways:

  • Via our automated phone system - (402) 827-4200
  • Online via MyChart
    • If you do not currently have a MyChart account you may request an activation code online to complete the setup yourself OR you may contact the pharmacy and we can provide you with an activation code.

Please note: You MUST initiate refill requests; we do not currently offer automatic prescription refills.

How Do I Pay for My Mail-Order Prescriptions?

CHI Health Pharmacy – Midlands will securely store a credit / debit card of your choice to use for payment.  You may also store your HSA or FSA card information.

Please note: if you choose to use your HSA or FSA for payment you will also be required to provide a separate credit / debit card as a secondary form of payment in the event that funds are unavailable from your HSA / FSA account.

Can I Get Prescription Medical Supplies via Mail-Order Also?

CHI Health's RX Supplies Department is able to take care of your medical supply needs through a separate process. Find out how.

How Do I Find Out Costs?

You can verify your benefits (copayments/coinsurance) by referring to your plan’s benefit summary.  The Pharmacy is unable to provide accurate copay / out of pocket cost information until we have received a prescription from your doctor’s office.

There are not extra shipping costs to use our mail-order services unless you request special or expedited delivery.  If requested, you will be responsible for any shipping costs for special or expedited delivery.

Please note: Prescriptions that require refrigeration and Schedule II Controlled Substances are automatically set up for 1 – 2 day shipping at no cost to you.

How Much Medication Am I Allowed to Get?

Our pharmacy is able to fill up to 90 day supply of maintenance medications provided the prescription has sufficient refills to allow for 90 days.  There are limited exceptions (for example: contraceptives, some inhaled medications) where 90 day supplies may be restricted by your pharmacy benefit.  In those cases we are able to send out as much as your plan will allow.

Are Any Medications Restricted From Mail-Order?

CHI Health Pharmacy – Midlands does not provide any compounded or specialty medications for mail order.  CHI Health has a designated Specialty Pharmacy that can serve your needs for specialty medications. Compounded medications may be filled locally or at a designated compounding pharmacy.

How Soon Can I Expect My Mail-Order Prescriptions to Arrive?

We ask that you request refills at least 5-7 business days in advance to allow ample time to receive your shipment.  Most maintenance medications previously filled for 90-day supply can be requested up to 13 days in advance.  New prescriptions from the doctor’s office may require slightly longer if clarification is needed, an insurance prior authorization is required or if there are any other limiting circumstances.

We sincerely thank you for using CHI Health Mail-Order Pharmacy.  It is our goal to provide the best and most efficient patient service and care.  We look forward to serving your needs!

Where Can I Get My Prescriptions Mailed To? 

Here is a map of the states that the CHI Health - Midlands Pharmacy can mail prescriptions to:

Map of states the mail-order pharmacy mails to

CHI Health's Prescription Medical Supplies department is able to take care of your medical supply needs. We are in network for most major insurances and will work with you and your insurance company on coverage and billing benefits. Orders are generally shipped via FedEx and should arrive 2-3 business days from the time of confirmed order. Recipients do not need to be home to sign for the package. For questions call (402) 717-2640. email [email protected].

Supplies Available Include:

  • Ostomy supplies
  • Urological supplies
  • Incontinence supplies
  • Diabetic supplies and equipment
  • Oral nutrition supplements
  • Compression stockings
  • Wound care products

How to Order Prescription Medical Supplies

  1. Have your doctor fax your prescription to (402) 717-0195.
  2. Once the prescription is received you will be contacted to let you know the prescription has been received
  3. Supply needs are discussed and order is decided upon.
  4. Billing and shipping arrangements are made.

Mail Order Pharmacy Form