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Pelvic Health Patient Testimonials

Chelsea Burr

“I was amazed after my first visit! I had been dealing with pubic symphysis pain since week 20 of pregnancy and started going to PFPT in week 26, at which point I was hobbling around in so much pain. I felt so much relief after my first visit that I was excited to go back the next week! The team gave me many tools each visit to help me not only find relief but build strength and help me feel empowered for birth. At week 37 of pregnancy I felt 100 times better than in week 20. Highly highly highly recommend for all mamas experiencing any sort of pain or discomfort during or after pregnancy. It was the best thing I did for myself during my pregnancy."

Maria Guerrero

“Jasmine is very professional. Makes you feel at ease and supported. She listen to my concerns and try to find the best solution for my particular case. I am very satisfied and recommend her 100%.”

Fr. Steven Jones

“In the past 6 weeks, due to my severe pelvic pain, I have had 5 ER visits, 2 urgent care visits, 2 ambulance rides, and one hospitalization that lasted 3 days. I have had 2 MRIs, 1 CAT scan, and 2 scrotal ultrasounds. I have been to the urologist 5 times and have had 5 other PT visits. I have seen many doctors and two other physical therapists. It seems that Jasmine Garth and the Pelvic Health team accomplished more in one hour than pretty much everyone else combined. That is no exaggeration! I am very grateful and encouraged. I was encouraged to see how well Jasmine listened and that she had precise knowledge about the nerves in the pelvic region. I give Jasmine and the CHI Health Pelvic Health Center my highest recommendation.”

Rob Killmer

“12 out of a possible 10! A life-changing experience. The team not only helped me recover from a series of issues to my previous health, but helped me build back better! There's no way I could express how—for over 40 years—I've labored to cope with a variety of issues, almost all of which the team was able to educate me about and train me to overcome! I wish more men could experience the education and training I benefited from.”

Jessica Meier

“The team is always helping me with my pelvic floor pain and getting me the right treatment that I need to help with my pain....I am slowly getting better as long as I stick with my exercises...There is so much to say about Jasmine and all of the hard work she does for us pelvic floor patients. I would recommend her for everyone that’s having issues.”

Peggy Haleen

“Jasmine is a wonderful physical therapist. She has helped me tremendously. She is very informative and knowledgeable. She genuinely cares about her patients. I highly recommend her to anyone needing physical therapy.”