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Crisis Response Services

Through your employer’s agreement with CHI Health Employee Assistance Program, we are available to provide onsite crisis response and support services, upon management request. Times in which we might be called upon for onsite response:

  • Company downsizing / loss of jobs
  • Grief support following death of an employee
  • Work-site accidents or incidents involving serious injuries or fatalities
  • Robbery and acts of violence in the workplace
  • Circumstances which are outside of the typical work environment which have heightened employee’s emotional reactions and may be impacting ability to function

Our EAP staff professionals are highly skilled in understanding corporate culture and our role when we are invited to provide onsite response. In partnership with your employer, we will help determine what the most effective and beneficial response services will be. CHI Health Employee Assistance Counselors have received specialized training in EAP Critical Incident Response 3 – A Multi-Systemic Resilience Approach. We promise to provide on-site response services which are compassionate, non-intrusive and individualized to meet each company’s unique needs.

If your workplace has experienced a situation in which you believe an EAP onsite response would be helpful, please discuss with your manager/ HR contact person. To schedule an EAP on-site response, please call us at (402) 398-5566 or 1 (888) 847-4975