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Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulator for Sleep Apnea

We understand that wearing a CPAP mask isn’t for every. We are proud to offer patients a new implant called a hypoglossal nerve stimulator that solves sleep apnea from the inside. It is the world’s first fully implanted device that’s FDA-approved for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

This new implant solves sleep apnea from the inside. Dubbed a “sleep pacemaker” this device sends signals to the nerve that controls your tongue, preventing it from slipping backward and obstructing your throat while you sleep. The result is snore-free sleep.

What to Expect

Implantation is an invasive procedure performed under general anesthetic on an outpatient basis. It involves placing a stimulating device and breathing sensing lead in the chest beneath the clavicle. A stimulation lead is then attached to a branch of the hypoglossal nerve. The patient controls the device with a small handheld remote. Once implanted and adjusted, the device offers long-term snore-free sleep for patients. The devices are covered on a case-by-case basis by some insurance companies. Because it is an invasive procedure, it is not considered a first-line treatment for OSA. 

Who can Benefit?

The hypoglossal nerve stimulator offers long term relief for people who:

  • Have moderate-to-severe sleep apnea
  • Failed CPAP or unable to use
  • Have BMI below 32-35 based on insurance
  • Are able to tolerate 2-3 hour outpatient surgical procedure

How to Schedule

We have options in both Omaha and Lincoln!

Omaha: Dr. Daniel O'Brien & Dr. Adam Pleas, CHI Health Clinic ENT Lakeside, (402) 758-5600.

Lincoln: Dr. Aaron Robinson, CHI Health Clinic ENT Nebraska, (402) 484-5500.

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