Stroke Video Library

How Do I Know if I'm Having a Stroke?

Dr. Vishal Jani discusses the stroke signs and symptoms. Any of these symptoms should not be discounted and you should been seen at your nearest hospital.

What's New in Stroke Care?

Dr. Vishal Jani talks about a new stroke treatment called thrombectomy.

Are There Tests Available to Tell if You're at Risk for a Stroke?

There are a few tests to predict who has a high chance of having a stroke in the future. Dr. Vishal Jani explains these tests.

What Happens to the Brain During a Stroke?

Dr. Vishal Jani talks about how plaque has a tendency to create a clot which can block the artery. This is one of the reason why patients get stroke.

Are Strokes Preventable?

Up to 80% of strokes can be prevented by modifying and reducing risk factors. Dr. Vishal Jani, CHI Health interventional neurologist, explains how to reduce the risk of stroke.

Is it True Stroke Patients are Getting Younger?

There is a trend that strokes are not just seen in older patients. 20-25% of Dr. Vishal Jani patients are under the age of 50.

How Important is it to Get Immediate Care if You are Having a Stroke?

Dr. Vishal Jani says it is extremely important to seek medical attention right away if you are having a stroke. Time is brain.