Welcome to the Neurological Institute

We provide the region with the most advanced care for the body's nervous system.

Neurological Institute

CHI Health Neurological Institute is providing the region with the most advanced neurosciences care. Neurosciences encompasses a wide range of disorders that affect the body's nervous system, which includes diseases of the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles. With our use of a multidisciplinary team, we ensure the best patient care possible. We understand how life-changing neurological disorders can be for patients and their families. Our team of physicians, specialists, nurses, technologists and other staff members share the common goal of providing customized care to the needs of each patient and his or her family. CHI Health Neurological Institute at Immanuel Hospital offers true patient-centric care with a destination clinic. Destination clinic visits work like this: our multidisciplinary team anticipates a patient’s needs so when he or she arrives, the patient will see a neurologist, get help from a physical therapist if necessary and perhaps consult with a neurosurgeon. If tests are necessary, the patient will know results by the end of the day. There will be no appointments “three months out” and the visits are in succession, all under one roof. The patient benefits from no more long waits to see the experts, get test results, be diagnosed, and begin treatment.

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