Research Center

Our Approach

The CHI Health St. Elizabeth Research Center is on the cutting edge in the conduct of clinical trials within a community-based hospital. The center's mission is to help develop improved therapies that benefit patient care, through pharmaceutical and device-related research. The Research Center is dedicated to meeting all of your research needs. CHI Health St. Elizabeth in Lincoln conducts clinical research studies in all CHI Health St. Elizabeth facilities, while also serving The Physician Network and other Lincoln community physician groups.

The Research Center maintains the highest ethical standards. In partnership with our investigators, we strive to provide benefits to our patients through research while rapidly providing sponsors with accurate, high-quality data.

We focus on the high quality and successful execution of a limited number of trials, in an effort to build strong relationships with quality sponsors. With the help of legal advisors, we have developed standard operating procedures to ensure that we perform careful, high quality research that easily meets all regulatory guidelines from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and all other GCP (good clinical practice) guidelines.

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Research staff

We believe that high-quality work requires high-quality staff. Our research staff, chosen with an eye to professional diversity and solid experience, includes Master degree-level nurse research coordinators, pharmacists, regulatory affairs, and financial specialists. Each research coordinator has specific training and experience in clinical trial industry and academic/investigator initiated research.

For more information regarding CHI Health St. Elizabeth Research please call (402) 219-7677 or email Paul Edwards at

Collaboration with CHI Institute for Research and Innovation (CIRI)

CIRI is a partnering organization that connects Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) hospitals, such as CHI Health St. Elizabeth, with system-wide initiatives dedicated to research and innovation. CIRI staff members come from diverse backgrounds that span community healthcare, industry and academia.

IRB Resources

The CHI Institute for Research and Innovation Institutional Review Board (CHIRB) is the IRB of record and oversees multi-center research within CHI including CHI Health St. Elizabeth and The Physician Network.

Additionally, the CHI Health St. Elizabeth Research Center works with other recognized Institutional Review Boards, such as Western, Schulman, and Quorum IRBs.

The CHIRB serves Investigators, employees, residents, and students conducting research at CHI Health St. Elizabeth and The Physician Network. All human subject research carried out at CHI Health St. Elizabeth and The Physician Network is required to be approved by an IRB.