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Geriatric Care

Caring like family means being there as you age.

CHI Health Clinic Geriatric Medicine providers are specially trained to care for people age 65 and over, so they can lead better, healthier lives.

Geriatric medicine includes the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases/ disabilities in older adults. This specialty focuses on the complexities of aging, including medical conditions like osteoporosis, incontinence, Alzheimer’s disease and cancers, as well as how medications can interact in seniors. Care is comprehensive and collaborative to address the unique needs of older adults.

According to the American Geriatrics Society (AGS), a geriatrician should be consulted when there is significant frailty or impairment (often caused by multiple diseases, disabilities or mental problems) or when health issues cause stress among the patient’s family/caregiving team.

Geriatric Medicine Providers

Anchalia Chandrakumaran, MD

Internal Medicine,
Geriatric Medicine

Maria E Finocchiaro, APRN

Geriatric Medicine

Courtney Higgins, APRN

Geriatric Medicine

Heather M. Morgan, MD

Geriatric Medicine,
Family Medicine

Ellen Steffensmeier, APRN

Geriatric Medicine