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Our goal is to return patients who have had knee and hip replacement surgery to a more normal, healthy lifestyle.

Meet Our Hip & Knee Specialists

Casey D. Beran, MD

Orthopedic Surgery,
Orthopedic Surgery - Adult Joint Reconstruction

Blake M. Bodendorfer, MD

Sports Medicine,
Orthopedic Surgery

Stephen R. Brown, MD

Sports Medicine,
Orthopedic Surgery

Brian P. Conroy, MD

Sports Medicine,
Orthopedic Surgery

John D. Galligan, MD

Orthopedic Surgery - Foot and Ankle

Thomas G. Harbert, MD

Orthopedic Surgery

Daniel Hatz, MD

Orthopedic Surgery

Kellen L. Huston, MD

Sports Medicine,
Orthopedic Surgery

Clayton Thor, MD

Orthopedic Surgery

Paul A. Watson, MD

Sports Medicine,
Orthopedic Surgery

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We Can Help

If you've been suffering too long with debilitating hip pain, the orthopedic surgery experts at CHI Health can provide the relief you need. Our Joint Replacement Center has been recognized as a center of excellence, for demonstrating better overall quality of care and superior outcomes.

Through every phase of your journey, count on personalized care that includes:

  • Pre- and post-surgery education
  • Dedicated patient care unit
  • Focused care from specially trained staff
  • Joint Care Manager who will coordinate your care
  • Group physical therapy
  • Patient education videos and printed materials
  • Assistance in choosing the best rehabilitation option for you after discharge
  • Shorter length of stay – typically three days

What You Can Expect from Hip Replacement Surgery

Before you have hip surgery, the Joint Replacement Center will make sure you’re thoroughly prepared to have the best possible outcome. First, you will take part in a class in which you will tour the facility and learn what to expect of the surgery, recovery and rehabilitation process.

As a supplement to the live class, we also encourage you to view hip replacement surgery educational videos we’ve created to help you prepare for your procedure with confidence.

Your Recovery and Rehabilitation Process

Most hip surgery patients are able to return home immediately after their stay at the Joint Replacement Center. You may also be referred to CHI Health Home Care or a transitional care unit. 

Whatever the case, we will make sure you have access to all of the resources you need, including nursing, home health aides and physical and occupational therapy. If you need additional assistance, a social service/case manager will help arrange for home healthcare, outpatient therapy or placement in a skilled nursing facility or acute rehabilitation center. 

After you leave the Joint Replacement Center, you will be given detailed information and instructions for exercises to do at home to aid in your rehabilitation. We will also give family members detailed instructions on how they can assist in your recovery. Depending on your unique needs, you may also be referred to a CHI Health Physical Therapy Clinic.

Are You a Candidate for Hip Replacement Surgery?

Find an expert orthopedic surgeon at CHI Health to see if the procedure may be right for you.

The Joint Replacement Center also sponsors free Joint Pain Seminars designed to teach you more about the causes of hip pain and the latest treatments, plus offer tips about exercise and medications.