Nurse Residency Program

A program for new nursing graduates and nurses new to acute care.

Nurse Residency


The purpose of the Nurse Residency Program is to aid in the new graduates or new to acute care nurse’s transition to practice within CHI Health. The program emphasizes professional practice, critical thinking, nurse satisfaction, evidence-based practice, clinical competency, teamwork and communication. The aim of the Nurse Residency program is recruitment and retention of high quality professional nurses.

Program Guidelines

The Nurse Residency Program will be a 12-month class consisting of the following:

  • Monthly classes including current practice issues, debriefing and peer support.

Program Activities

  • Meet multi-disciplinary experts from across CHI Health
  • Participate in hands-on learning activities and simulations
  • Build upon your nursing school education through critical thinking exercises
  • Develop peer relationships


Nurses who meet the inclusion criteria will be automatically enrolled in the Nurse Residency Program. Applications for employment are also considered applications for the residency program.

Inclusion criteria include:

  1. BSN or ADN
  2. Nurses with less than 1 year acute care experience
  3. Experienced nurses who have been away from acute care nursing for more than 1 year by request of manager/director on hire
  4. Full or part-time employees


The Nurse Residency Program is paid work time and an expected component of the onboarding process. The CHI Health attendance policy will be enforced.


Residents are expected to follow the core values of CHI Health, be professional, engaged, and contribute positively during the Nurse Residency Program sessions. Unprofessional conduct may result in the resident being asked leave the Nurse Residency Program sessions.

Unprofessional conduct may include, but is not limited to: sleeping, frequent use of cell phone/texting during sessions, disrespectful speech or nonverbal behaviors, disrupting speaker presentations.

Dress Code

CHI Health HR Dress Code Policy


All communication will be via CHI Health email. It is expected the nurse resident will check their email at least weekly and respond appropriately.


A graduation ceremony will be held at each of the locations at the end of each cohort. Directors, SVPs, and family may be invited to each graduation program.