Nurse Residency Program

A program for new nursing graduates and nurses new to acute care.

Nurse Residency

About the Program

The CHI Health Nurse Residency Program accelerates nursing competency by providing in-depth experiences, education, and support during the Nurse Resident’s first year. A competency-based curriculum coupled with trained preceptors and active mentorship capitalizes on American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Accreditation design and innovative, contemporary, and evidence-based practices.

Why Choose CHI Health's Nurse Residency Program?

  • Comprehensive, evidence-based clinical orientation in addition to a 12-month transition-to-practice platform
  • Cohort hiring to help foster relationships with peers and ease the transition to practice by building a supportive connection within the organization
  • In-person and virtually-enhanced education and support program to help our nurses develop critical thinking and evidence-based decision-making skills, engagement, stress management capabilities, and leadership skills.

Program Components


  • We offer a comprehensive, evidence-based clinical orientation with a trained preceptor. The orientation process will allow you to demonstrate hands-on skills through practice and simulation, as well as provide you with educational opportunities to grow and enhance your knowledge in nursing care.
  • New graduates have the potential to be hired into the following specialties:
    • Medical/Surgical
    • Intensive Care
    • Progressive Care
    • Perioperative Care
    • Emergency Department
    • Neonatal Intensive Care
    • Perinatal Care
    • Behavioral Health


Each resident will be paired one-to-one with a dedicated preceptor during orientation. The preceptor will initially take the lead while gradually transitioning care to the orientee with time, allowing the orientee to adjust to practice safely, effectively and efficiently.

Specialty Tracks

Nursing care varies from unit-to-unit, which is why we offer specialty tracks. Each unit provides learning tracks specific to the area of care the resident is hired into.

Core Curriculum

After specialty track education, residents will come together from all departments to attend core residency classes, which enhance skills including leadership, time management and critical thinking.

Evidence-Based Project

Each resident will have the opportunity to complete an evidence-based project which will broaden their spirit of inquiry and allow the resident to integrate clinical expertise, patient values, and the best research evidence into the decision making process for patient care.

Mentor Program

The CHI Health Nurse Mentor Program strives to create a collaborative relationship with an experienced nurse to support the transition to practice following orientation in areas of professional, personal and interpersonal growth. This unique program will allow the new nurse to have continual guidance, even after the formal orientation process.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must have the following:

  • An active RN license (interim permits cannot be accepted) upon hire
  • An associates, bachelors, or masters degree in nursing
  • New graduate RN with less than one year of experience

Time Frame

The Nurse Residency Program hires new graduate nurses using a cohort model. The upcoming cohort start dates are as follows:

  • February 19th, 2024
  • April 29th, 2024
  • July 8th, 2024
  • October 14th, 2024

See the table below for timeline information based on the cohort start date.

Start Date 2/19/24 4/29/24 7/8/24 10/14/24
Submit Application by 1/12/24 3/22/24 5/31/24 9/13/24
NCLEX Deadline 2/5/24 4/15/24 6/24/24 9/30/24
RN License Deadline 2/12/24 4/22/24 7/1/24 10/7/24
Interview Deadline 1/26/24 4/5/24 6/14/24 9/27/24
Accepted Offer Deadline 1/26/24 4/5/24 6/14/24 9/27/24

How to Apply

  • Apply as early as possible!
  • The first candidates to apply will receive the first interviews and potential offers. These are rolling admissions and we do not wait until the application closes to review candidates.
  • See options on our Careers Site.


We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our organization and the Nurse Residency Program. Please email any questions to