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A Health Minister is a person who shows the love of God through the promotion of health, healing and wholeness within a congregation/community. Flowing from the mission and vision of the congregation, a Health Minister leads a team of volunteers to promote health and wellness, prevent disease, and facilitate healing for individuals and groups.

A Health Minister may work with a Faith Community Nurse (FCN) when available, but does not specifically need an FCN to carry out this work. S/he does not need to have a professional health or ministry background…just a heart to serve in this way.

A Health Minister can:

  • Provide health information to the congregation and community
  • Coordinate volunteers
  • Build care teams
  • Act as a health advocate and referral agent
  • Lead programs on health issues
  • Visit the sick, provide transportation
  • Promote collaboration within the congregation to build a culture of wholeness
  • Promote collaboration with other faith communities, agencies and health systems

Criteria for Network Membership: 

  • Spiritually mature leader
  • Participate in preparation course and required Network meetings
  • Comply with own professional standards, if this applies
  • Give an average of 8 or more hours monthly to build the program
  • Document with web-based tool and report activities to measure outcomes
  • Promote policy change in your congregation
  • Build a culture of health and wholeness within the congregation/community

 To learn more about becoming a Health Minister in your congregation, contact us at 402-343-4395..