Community Outreach

Growing Great Kids

Nothing transforms a home more than the arrival of a baby. Growing Great Kids recognizes that parents need support, and we provide resources that guide and empower them. During the critical early years of a child’s life, Growing Great Kids provides parents with education on child development, health, safety, nutrition, and stress management.

Services include:

  1. One-time newborn nurse visit to answer parents’ questions and to connect families to community resources.
  2. Tips on parenting, child development, and community resources through the Growing Great Kids’ Facebook page or a one-time Parent Survey visit.
  3. Home visits prenatal up to the child’s third birthday.

United Against Violence

The United Against Violence in Southeast Nebraska (UAV) initiative started in 2009. Area community members identified youth violence as a top priority for Otoe County. Based on the community’s input, UAV and their partners are working to reduce reported incidents of youth violence (including bullying, assault, and physical aggression) among youth age 10–17 in Otoe County by the year 2020.

United Against Violence recognizes violence as a public health issue and acknowledges that it can be prevented. Beginning at birth, children are exposed to violence across all areas of their lives—at home, school, daycare, and in their neighborhoods. Additionally, video games and television have made violence acceptable.

CHI Health’s Mission and Ministry Fund, administrated by St. Mary’s, awarded United Against Violence a $265,000 grant to address this concern in the community.

Vision Statement:

Kind Words + Safe Hands = Violence Prevention

Mission Statement:

United Against Violence promotes the power of positive actions and provides the tools necessary for a life free of violence.