Cancer Treatment Center

At CHI Health St. Francis we believe in working with each patient as an individual

Cancer Care

At St. Francis, we believe in working with each patient as an individual—we take great care to understand each person’s unique needs, concerns, and goals for treatment. We want you to be involved in making decisions about your care, and we provide information and education to help you make those choices. We also support all facets of your recovery—physical, emotional, and spiritual—to help you heal as a whole person in all aspects of your life.

Cancer Services

The St. Francis Cancer Treatment Center offers a multidisciplinary approach to care and a team dedicated to providing the best treatment for you. Our Cancer Treatment Center is a point of pride for our organization and draws patients from across Nebraska and surrounding states. We have been recognized by the American College of Surgeons for the depth and breadth of services and our participation in clinical trials. We offer medical and radiation oncology treatment and a pharmacy all in one location, along with a cancer rehabilitation team to help patients manage their disease and maintain or improve their quality of life. This wide range of specialized services is designed to support you and your family before, during and after treatment.

Learn more about the specialized services offered at the St. Francis Cancer Treatment Center:

Other support services offered by the cancer rehabilitation team at St. Francis:

Clinical Oncology Pharmacy: our oncology pharmacy program provides a service not typically found in community cancer centers. Our dedicated, on-site pharmacy ensures that patients are receiving only the safest, most comprehensive care during chemotherapy.

Nutritional services: A part of the cancer rehab team, the dietary specialist works closely to support cancer patients in a variety of ways, including assistance in meeting nutritional needs during treatment, management of side effects, and healthy eating and weight loss post-treatment.

Financial services: Our financial services department is here to make sure you understand your billing and payment options, and to provide you with any assistance you may need in making your obligations more manageable.

Pastoral care: Chaplains offer spiritual and emotional support to patients and families of all faiths. They are also able to contact your priest or clergy member upon request.

Therapy: Physical or occupational therapy can help patients gain mobility and improve skills for daily living. Speech therapy is often helpful for patients who have difficulty speaking or swallowing. The therapists help you do exercises and other activities to improve your strength and function.

Surgery: Surgery is often a part of the cancer journey. Offering you advanced surgical techniques is just one more way the St. Francis Cancer Treatment Center ensures that you are receiving the most advanced cancer care close to home. Surgeons work closely with the oncology team so you receive seamless care from abnormal biopsy through surgery and treatment.

Oncoplastic surgery: We are happy to be able to offer oncoplastic surgical procedures for our breast cancer patients. Oncoplastic surgery combines the removal of cancerous tissue with immediate remodeling or reconstruction of the breast to improve the cosmetic result.

Neurosurgery: The neuroscience program at St. Francis offers neurology and neurosurgery for patients affected by cancers of the brain, neck, and spinal cord.