Community Board of Directors

Our Community Board is helping us create innovative changes in health care. We work closely with them to ensure we are meeting the community's evolving heath care needs. We stand with them, working together, to help Nebraskans build healthier lives and honoring the spirit of our early health care pioneers.

<h3>Terry Pfeifer, MBA</h3>


Edward Jones</p>

Terry Pfeifer, MBA

Edward Jones

<h3>Cathy Allen, MBA</h3>

<p>Vice Chairperson<br>

Leininger, Smith, Johnson, Baack, Placzek &amp; Allen<br>


Cathy Allen, MBA

Vice Chairperson
Leininger, Smith, Johnson, Baack, Placzek & Allen

<h3>Douglas Boon, MD</h3>
<p>Grand Island Clinic</p>

Douglas Boon, MD

Grand Island Clinic

<h3>Scott Frankforter, MD</h3>
<p>Pathology Specialists<br>

Scott Frankforter, MD

Pathology Specialists

<h3>Melissa Griffith, MBA</h3>

<p>Credit Management<br>


Melissa Griffith, MBA

Credit Management

<h3>Vincent Hernandez</h3>
<p>Nebraska State Patrol<br>

Vincent Hernandez

Nebraska State Patrol

<h3>Zach Meyer, MD</h3>


Family Practice of Grand Island<br>


Zach Meyer, MD

Family Practice of Grand Island

Community Board St. Francis Steve Kunzman

Steve Kunzman, MBA

Chairman, President and CEO

Home Federal Bank

<h3>Bishop Joseph Hanefeldt</h3>

<p>Chancery Office<br>


Bishop Joseph Hanefeldt

Chancery Office

<h3>Karen Rathke</h3>

<p>President &amp; Chief Professional Officer<br>

Heartland United Way<br>


Karen Rathke

President & Chief Professional Officer
Heartland United Way

<h3>Rebecca Steinke, MD</h3>
<p>Family Practice of Grand Island<br>

Rebecca Steinke, MD

Family Practice of Grand Island

<p>President, Ex-Officio<br>


<p>CHI Health St. Francis</p>

Edward Hannon

President, Ex-Officio

CHI Health St. Francis

Mary Kuntz