Joint Center

Taking an innovative and more effective approach to joint replacement recovery, our Joint Center staff helps patients heal faster and return home sooner. The Joint Center offers a unique in-patient recovery program starting even before surgery with focused education and exercise.

At the Joint Center, patients wear their own comfortable clothes and go through their education, surgery and recovery together in a group atmosphere. The Joint Center multidisciplinary staff includes a clinical nurse educator, orthopaedic certified nurses and physical and occupational therapists all dedicated to helping patients regain mobility and independence. 

Joint Class

If you are having a knee or hip replacement, please plan to attend our Joint Replacement Class approximately three weeks before surgery. During this three-hour class, you will learn what to expect before, during and after your replacement surgery.

You will be contacted by St. Elizabeth to register for this class, which is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The class is free and required before your surgery.

You will learn:

  • Home preparation
  • Pre-surgery exercises
  • Overview of surgery
  • Anesthesia/Pain management
  • Medication overview
  • Expectations of hospital stay
  • Discharge planning
  • Physical therapy assessment
  • Precautions/safety/equipment
  • Hospital Preregistration

Joint Class Patient Forms