Neurologists provide advanced care to patients with problems of the head, spine, cerebrovascular system and peripheral nerves.


Neurologists who practice at St. Elizabeth specialize in treating a wide variety of diseases and injuries to the nervous system. Using the latest diagnostic equipment and treatment methods, neurologists provide advanced care to patients with problems of the head, spine, cerebrovascular system and peripheral nerves.

The board-certified neurosurgeons who practice at St. Elizabeth are highly skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors and spine disorders. They use the latest brain-mapping technology and least invasive treatment methods possible to restore function and reduce pain. They utilize some of the most sophisticated equipment available including bi-plane imaging.

View the various conditions that CHI Health neurologists treat.

Tesla MRI

The 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) system is twice as powerful and faster than the standard MRI machines typically used for patient care imaging, greatly improving the diagnostic capabilities at St. Elizabeth. This state-of-the-art imaging tool can more accurately diagnose routine and hard-to-detect conditions such as heart vessel problems; stroke; aneurysms; prostate cancer; spinal cord lesions; spinal disc injuries; bone, joint and cartilage damage; renal artery problems and many others. 

Like all equipment at the St. Elizabeth Imaging Center, the 3 Tesla MRI is digital and part of their technologically advanced Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). With PACS, physicians can view images from any of the medical center imaging equipment at remote locations, including their offices, and more than one person can view the same image at the same time for consultations.

Stroke Care

A stroke is brain damage caused by a blocked or bleeding artery in the brain. The American Stroke Association estimates that nearly 800,000 people will suffer a new or recurrent stroke this year.  View more information about CHI Health stroke care.

The St. Elizabeth Stroke Center has received national certification as a Primary Stroke Center by the Joint Commission. This means that we provide quality care to meet the unique and specialized needs of stroke patients.

We provide rapid response in diagnosing and treating stroke patients. Our highly-specialized team collaborates at all stages of treatment using the most advanced research and technology.

Multidisciplinary team

At St. Elizabeth, our medical team consists of physicians and medical specialists from the neurosciences, internal medicine, emergency medicine, critical care, as well as respiratory, physical, occupational and speech therapists.  

The director of the Stoke Center is Dr. Anthony Cook, a board certified physician. For more information, contact our St. Elizabeth Stroke Center coordinator at (402) 219-7563.