Laser Therapy

CHI Health St. Elizabeth Regional Burn and Wound Center

Advanced Laser Scar Therapy

Dramatically improves the look and feel of burn, injury and surgical scars. Safe, effective and FDA cleared

If you have a scar, you know its appearance can be a significant source of distress. But scars also make daily life difficult due to:

  • Limited range of motion
  • Pain and itchiness
  • Texture of the injured skin

You deserve access to the latest technology for scar revision

The St. Elizabeth Regional Burn and Wound Center is the only hospital in Nebraska offering minimally-invasive Advanced Laser Scar Therapy. The therapy achieves remarkable results for burn, injury or surgical scars, even years after the scar occurred.

  • After 1 treatment many patients see significant progress in the texture of the scar
  • After 3 to 5 treatments many patients experience functional and cosmetic improvement
  • Up to 2 years after the final treatment noticeable improvement may continue

How it Works

Advanced Laser Scar Therapy uses a powerful and precise laser called the Lumenis UltraPulse® and the SCAAR FX™ system for scar revision. This deep resurfacing solution is customizable for different scar types and achieves results by:

  • Targeting dermal layers to a depth of 4 mm – deeper than a cosmetic laser
  • Creating microscopic chambers – these break down a scar’s rigid fibers and trigger a normal production of collagen and elastic fibers

Safe and Effective

Lumenis UltraPulse® technology was developed by pioneers in aesthetic and medical lasers, and is:

  • Considered the standard of care for treating soldiers injured in battle
  • Clinically validated by leading professionals
  • FDA cleared for scar revision

You don’t have to live with your scar anymore. Call (402) 219-7717 to see if you are eligible for treatment. Our friendly team will set-up a consultation appointment and check with your insurance provider for coverage and preauthorization

During Treatment

  • Treatment is administered by a specially-trained physician and staff
  • Local anesthetic numbs skin, so you feel minimal pain. The laser can cause a warm, slightly stinging sensation. Most patients report little to no pain after this procedure.
  • Treatment lasts a few minutes for small scars; longer for large scars
  • Treatments may be done in surgery or the outpatient clinic

After Treatment

  • In the treated area, skin will be warm, red and swollen to varying degrees
  • Skin care routine will be prescribed, which may include applying dressings
  • Daily activities can typically be resumed within a week

About Us: Since 1973, St. Elizabeth’s Regional Burn and Wound Center has been providing the latest treatments and procedures for serious burns or wounds. We are only one of 50 verified burn centers in the United States, and Nebraska’s only Verified Burn Center,* and is  internationally recognized for outstanding research and treatment.

*American Burn Association and American College of Surgeons verified burn centers meet rigorous qualifications and undergo in-depth on-site reviews to meet demanding standards for burn treatment and rehabilitation.