Burn Speakers

Our Burn Center team is very wiling to address groups of healthcare professionals or the general public on a wide variety of topics. These include:

Physician Workshop Topics

Pre-hospital Care of the Client with Burn Injuries
Targets pre-hospital care providers and gives basic information for the care of the client with a burn injury.  The course objectives include discussion of mass casualty and scene safety, initial assessments, recognition of life threatening conditions and care of the client during transport.  Scenarios will be utilized for the pre-hospital care provider to work through the assessment process.   The course is 2 hours but can be extended to 2.5 or 3 hours.

Pre-hospital Care of the Pediatric Client with Burn Injuries
Workshop takes in consideration the uniqueness of the pediatric population and addresses their specific needs as a client with burn injuries.  It can be given separately or in conjunction with the Pre-hospital Care of the Client with Burn Injuries workshop.  It lasts approximately one hour.

Frostbite Injuries
Addresses frostbite injuries, including a discussion of the population at risk and current treatment modalities.  It can be given alone or be included in the Pre-hospital Care of the Client with Burn Injuries.

Pre-hospital Care of the Client with Chemical Injuries
Addresses the needs of the pre-hospital care personnel in caring for clients exposed to chemicals.  The objectives of the course will give the participant a better understanding of chemicals, scene safety issues, decontamination concerns, assessment and initial treatment modalities for the client who has been injured.

Fireworks and Other Summer Burn Injuries
Discusses most common burn injuries found in the summer with assessment and treatment of these injuries.

Occupational Burn Injuries (also a separate one for electrical injuries)
Targeted for personnel of companies providing burn safety education in a work setting.  Tailored specifically to each workplace and discusses burn safety; initial care and treatment modalities for clients with burn injuries on the job.  It is also tailored to assist first responders in the occupational setting.

Burn-Fire Prevention workshops
St. Elizabeth Burn Center Speakers Bureau will help Volunteer departments to design a prevention program for community and school that address specific needs of the region and basic prevention strategies.  It can consist of disaster drills, slide presentations, skits etc, to meet the needs of the individuals planning the event. 

Disaster Events
EMS and Burn Center personnel can assist in planning a disaster drill in your region.  Included is set up, moulage of victims and debriefing of pre-hospital personnel.

School Re-entry for the Child in Burn Recovery
The goal of this program is to ease the re-entry to school and peer group and give faculty information to assist in the re-entry process and continuing care needed by the child.   This program also addresses burn prevention specific to the ages of the child and class visited.  Pre-hospital personnel may be involved in this program if they wish.

Nursing and Other Health Care Provider Topics

Emergency Care of the Client with Burn Injuries
One hour presentation by a Burn staff RN to provide information to Emergency room and hospital staff in community hospitals that may see burn injuries and need to transport them to a burn center. The objectives discuss types of burn injuries, initial emergency assessment and treatment and the process for transfer of a patient to the Burn Center.

Outpatient Care of the Client with Burn Injuries
This hour workshop is targeted for hospital personnel who may treat small burns in an outpatient setting, or care for a burn client who returns to the community.  Objectives include initial assessment of the burn injury, discussion of types and treatment modalities for small burns, as well as identification of burns requiring further treatment and post grafting burn care.  The workshop may be given with the Emergency Care of the Client with Burn Injuries.

Nursing Care of the Client with Burn Injuries
The target audience is Nursing students and addresses and overview of pathophysiology of burn injuries, assessments, stabilization and treatment modalities for clients with burn injuries.  The workshop is two hours but can be extended to three hours and can include case studies and is tailored to the needs of the instructor.

Nursing Care of the Pediatric Client with Burn Injuries
This workshop is appropriate for both nursing students and seasoned nurses and will provide the participant with information specific to the needs of the pediatric client.  Objectives include identification of types of burn injuries in the pediatric population, assessment and treatment modalities, and prevention strategies for these injuries. 

Programs for the General Public

Burn Prevention and First Aid
This is an informational program incorporating burn prevention, types of burns, and basic first aid for burn injuries.  Target audiences include first aid classes, community, church and civic organizations.  The material provided can be tailored to be appropriate for any age group.  This offering will usually last approximately 45 minutes.

Care in the Burn Center
This informational program is targeted for the community, church or civic organization to introduce the general public to the Burn Center, giving them a look at what we are accomplishing in Burn Care with an overview of events occurring at the St. Elizabeth Burn Center.  This program can be tailored to fit time schedules and will usually last about 20 to 30 minutes.

Health Fairs
Burn prevention as an interactive activity for health fairs that encourages family participation. The child and family are offered a chance to participate.  We have a variety of activities including a fishing pond, a video activity, an escape house and others.   

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