Burn Speakers

At CHI Health St. Elizabeth Regional Burn Trauma and Wound Center we believe prevention and early burn care is a key activity in our communities.   One way we accomplish this goal is providing teaching to our community partners.  Whether your group is healthcare consumers, such as Kiwanis, church groups or similar, or a healthcare group such as EMS squads (volunteer or paid), schools of nursing or allied health, hospitals, clinics, or anything in between we can provide education to you and your colleagues.  Generally education sessions are approximately 1-2 hours in length but can be customized to your group. 

Topics include:

·        Prevention activities

·        Early burn care and stabilization for healthcare professionals

·        Burn care and treatment 

·        Frostbite

·        School re-entry programs

·        First aid in burns

·        Any topic surrounding burns and burn care!