Intercessory Prayer

St. Elizabeth offers Intercessory Prayer for Patients

This prayer program---praying for patients (with their approval) has been in place since 2001. Our Intercessory Prayer program involves volunteer prayer groups at the medical center who will pray for patients with a focus that:

  1. God’s will be done
  2. Peace and comfort be granted our patients
  3. Prayers may be offered for caregivers

We are so pleased with the response from our associates in signing up to joining one of the more than a dozen prayer groups! What a wonderful response. 

We currently ask each new inpatient whether we may have our intercessors pray for them. We will explain that we will do so only with their permission and that their confidentiality will be protected since only their first name will be given to the prayer group.

We recognize that some people may have questions as they’re being admitted to our medical center, so we have brochures available for the registrars to give to them. These brochures will also be placed in various waiting rooms throughout the medical center for patients, families, and staff.

Read our brochure for patients explaining Intercessory Prayer. If you have questions about this wonderful program, please contact our Pastoral Care team at (402) 219-8011.