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Bereavement, Resources, Infant Loss, Death, Grief, Encouragement and Support

The CHI Health St. Elizabeth BRIDGES Program is a bereavement support system for families who experience a pregnancy loss through miscarriage, ectopic (tubal) pregnancy, stillbirth or newborn death.

We believe that mourning the loss of a baby (no matter what the gestational age) is difficult but important work. Our mission is to provide sensitive care, information about grief and empathetic support and encouragement on a one-to-one basis.

Our BRIDGES program includes:

  • A BRIDGES packet containing resource material on grief given to each individual experiencing a loss
  • On-going grief support through follow-up phone calls and/or written notes during the first year
  • As many mementos of the baby as possible, created by the nursing staff and given to the parents at no cost
  • Information provided about available community support
  • Acceptance of referrals from local providers and surrounding communities
  • Palliative care pre-birth counseling for families of babies with life-limiting diagnosis
  • Annual Memorial Services
    • Spring service at St. Elizabeth
    • City-wide “Butterfly Release” the third Sunday in August
    • City-wide “Walk to Remember” the first Sunday in October
    • City-wide “Time of Remembrance” candle lighting the second Sunday in December
  • Annual fall workshop for health care providers who care for families experiencing pregnancy loss

BRIDGES grief supporters are Registered Nurses who have received additional education through Resolve Through Sharing (RTS) Bereavement Services. They are available to listen, offer support, encouragement and consolation. There is no charge for our BRIDGES program. For more information, call (402) 219-7065.


Perinatal Palliative Care & Hospice Program

Embrace: Every Moment Brief, Remembered Always, Cherished Eternally

The CHI Health St. Elizabeth EMBRACE program is a support system for families who are facing the knowledge that their unborn baby has a life-limiting diagnosis.

The EMBRACE team consists of doctors, nurses, social workers and pastoral care ministers who strive to address the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the family when they receive this life-changing information.

We recognize that every moment a family spends with their baby is precious. We desire to create a sacred and safe environment where a family can give birth and honor the life of their child even though the time may be brief.

  • One-on-one support for families to assist with creating individualized birth plans
  • Resource materials to support families throughout their pregnancy and following birth
  • The opportunity to meet with care providers to discuss medical interventions that families may desire following the birth of their baby
  • Spiritual support through Pastoral Care and Ministers within the community
  • Private tours of the Advanced Baby Center™ and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • The creation of baby photographs and keepsakes for families
  • Ongoing follow-up and support for family and friends

For more information, please contact the EMBRACE Coordinator at (402) 219-7065.