Thank a Caregiver

Thank A Caregiver

Above and Beyond

Has your life been touched by a special caregiver or doctor? Our medical staff touch the lives of patients and their families every day by going above and beyond. With a unique combination of expertise, skill and compassion, they help provide vital services and the very best care for all members of our community. Our "Thank a Caregiver" program is a wonderful way to say thank you to a special caregiver at St. Elizabeth, Nebraska Heart or The Physician Network. We invite you to express your appreciation for those caregivers who have touched your life in a special way by making a gift online at or call (402) 219-7051.

Thank a Caregiver program basics:

  • We encourage our grateful patients to show their appreciation for the excellent care they received from all team members within a department or from a special individual. 
  • You may make a gift to the Foundation in honor of that caregiver or department team.
  • You may even designate which specific area of the hospital you would like receive this gift in honor of the caregiver(s).
  • The caregiver/department is also notified that a patient has made a gift in their name and they are honored with a special recognition. Gift amount is not disclosed to associate.
  • You will additionally receive a formal thank you from the St. Elizabeth/Nebraska Heart Foundation to formally acknowledge your gift and notify you that your caregiver has been honored.

Benefits for departments and caregivers

  • Demonstrates their role in our wonderful patient satisfaction levels.
  • Allows patients to formally acknowledge and thank their caregivers.  
  • Allows patients to support our mission and help other patients in need. 
  • Boosts employee morale by recognizing the work of our caregivers and reminding them that their compassion and efforts are valued.
  • Sets a nice example for other caregivers to model behavior by "Embracing the Spirit."  
  • Allows the St. Elizabeth/Nebraska Heart Foundation to formally thank our patients, further acknowledging patient satisfaction. 
  • Strengthens bonds with our patients and community members by ensuring ongoing communication and relationship-building.