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St. Elizabeth/Nebraska Heart Foundation

Our Purpose

To raise funds that help our community, support caregiving for our patients and enhance technology at St. Elizabeth, Nebraska Heart and our affiliates providing a healing environment.

Good happens here every day.

You are making an impact with your investments to the St. Elizabeth/Nebraska Heart Foundation. Learn more in our annual report about how you are making a difference.

Current Projects

The EPIC Rover is a mobile application that allows clinicians to record documentation and validate barcodes at the patient bedside. The use of this technology helps prevent medication errors and enhances patient safety.

EPIC Rover connects in real time to a central database, providing access to other information held in the system, like patient lists and charts. To open a patient’s chart from a patient list using Rover, an individual would simply tap the patient’s name or use the device scanner to scan the patient’s wristband.

Rover displays relevant medication advisories at the point of care, supports recording of vitals, and provides a clinical summary of allergies, labs, current medications, and intake/ output. It also assists in confirming the “five rights” - right patient, right medication, right dose, right time, and right route of administration.

To help maintain the highest quality of care and the latest technology for our patients, replacement of equipment is a constant need. A current need at Nebraska Heart is a new heart/lung machine. This equipment allows surgeons to operate on a patient’s heart during surgery when the heart must be stopped, and there is no blood flowing through. It takes over for the heart and lungs by replacing the heart’s pumping action and adding oxygen to the blood during the procedure.

For each procedure that utilizes a heart and lung machine, there must also be the same equipment available for backup if the initial machine should incur an issue during surgery. The cost of each machine is approximately $232,000 (includes software and training).  

Upcoming Events

“You’ve got cancer.” These are some of the most dreaded words ever uttered. The Multidisciplinary Cancer Center at St. Elizabeth can help ease that burden. 

This year our Lights of Love donations will be designated to our Multidisciplinary Cancer Center. Multidisciplinary cancer care is a team approach with a wide range of cancer care professionals developing and following a specialized plan of care for each patient.  It involves physicians from various disciplines: surgical, medical & radiation oncologists, diagnostic imaging experts and pathologists.  It also involves cancer care specialists:  nurse navigators, genetic counselors, social workers, and physical therapists. They all come together to develop the best possible cancer treatment plan, while supporting and empowering patients to help them maintain their quality of life.

We are more powerful when we empower each other.

The “Lights of Love” trees have been a long-time Christmas tradition at St. Elizabeth.  It is an opportunity to honor family, friends, coworkers and loved ones by hanging silver stars with their names placed on Christmas trees lining the corridor into the hospital.

If you have a passion for helping others, we continue to provide charity care for patients who are in need of medication and other temporary assistance once they are discharged from the hospital. Your gift to either fund will help spread hope and cheer this holiday season. Please remember you may select any fund--NICU, Surgery Respiratory Care or any other that you wish here at St. Elizabeth Foundation.

Special Outreach

Your estate plan is more powerful than you may realize. Not only can you secure your family’s future with quality planning, but you can change our patients’ lives as well.  Many of our supporters have chosen to participate in various planned giving options. Estate gifts are given in many ways based on your family’s values and goals. One major benefit of planned giving may be significant tax advantages, depending upon your situation. As a service to our friends and donors, St. Elizabeth Foundation offers confidential and comprehensive estate planning services at no charge and with no obligation. Planning clients are not asked or expected to make gifts, unless they choose to.  Please contact Donna Hammack at (402) 219-7074 for additional information.

The CHI Health St. Elizabeth and Nebraska Heart Foundation is proud to support continuing health care education through our scholarship programs. To qualify, applications are due by April 1. Current employees and teen volunteers are able to apply for a wide array of scholarships dedicated to both nursing and general health care related degrees. These scholarships are made possible through generous donations made throughout the year. Learn more about the scholarships that you can apply for below: