Physician Liaison

Our Physician Liaison serves as a direct link between physician’s offices, hospital administration and directors to build positive relationships, improve communication and increase both physician and patient satisfaction. Their responsibility is to know the hospital and to identify how we can best meet the physician needs and ultimately their patient’s needs.

The Physician Liaison will:

  • Share physician concerns with hospital administration
  • Introduce new physicians to medical staff
  • Provide support in issue resolution and opportunities for improvement
  • Visit physician offices to educate providers about services
  • Participate in new physician orientation including hospital tours and informational materials
  • Serve as the primary conduit of communication

Please do not hesitate to contact the St. Elizabeth Physician Liaison, J Hoffman, if you have any questions.

J Hoffman
Physician Liaison
St. Elizabeth & Nebraska Heart
(402) 328-3940
7440 South 91st
Lincoln, Nebraska 68526