Administrative Fellowship Program

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Administrative Fellowship Program

CHI Health sponsors a 24-month Administrative Fellowship, fostering executive training in an integrated health system environment. The Fellowship is established to train and educate post-graduate students with a complete perspective of both an integrated healthcare system and the healthcare arena in which it operates. Throughout the 24-month Fellowship, the Fellow, the CEO, and the system Executive Leadership Team will work together to craft an experience that matches the Fellow's interests as well as the needs of the organization. 

The fellow will spend the first part of his or her fellowship with system leadership attending executive leadership team meetings, board meetings, and engaging in and leading initiatives from the system level. During the remainder of his or her term, the fellow will spend time in the acute hospital setting, in the clinic setting, and in additional areas where the fellow has an interest. In each of these areas, the fellow will be immersed in day-to-day operations and have the opportunity to take ownership of projects and lead initiatives. The fellow shall have access to the system leadership team members and meetings throughout the entire fellowship.

CHI Health Fellowship and Structure

The initial months of the fellowship are spent interacting with system leaders and attending system-level meetings. The Fellow is exposed to high-level decision-making processes and board of trustee activities which help to foster leadership and management abilities. Working with the CEO and Executive Leadership Team, the Fellow takes on leadership and non-leadership roles on substantive, system-level projects that persist throughout the entire Fellowship. The Fellow is exposed to the various entities which make up CHI Health and eventually moves into a rotational schedule that is tailored both to the Fellow’s interests and the needs of the system.

The rotation schedule is based on a three-month, three-rotation model: one rotation in an acute hospital setting where the Fellow joins a hospital leadership team, one rotation in the ambulatory setting, taking on a clinic related project, and one rotation in a third setting that matches the Fellow’s interest, such as a Service Line Team, a Critical Access Hospital, or another area of his or her choosing. Projects and rotations may vary in length in order to allow the Fellow enough opportunities to develop their own learning opportunities, applying healthcare management theory and interpersonal and analytical skills to each project and rotation in-turn.  During each rotation, the Executive Leadership Team selects a preceptor to aid in the selection of relevant projects and to provide evaluation and feedback on performance-related goals and personal/professional growth. The Fellow is also given feedback and evaluation from the system CEO and Executive Leadership Team throughout the Fellowship and will be given the opportunity to evaluate their experiences and preceptors during each rotation.

During the latter portion of the 24-month period, the Fellow partners with his or her mentors and or preceptors as well as with the CEO to identify potential interim leadership opportunities and gain relevant, hands-on management experience. It is also at this time that the Fellow, supported by the Executive Leadership Team, begins to search for future roles within the organization. 

Benefit to Administrative Fellow:

  • Open access to CHI Health operations, strategy, and leaders, providing a wide array of observation opportunities and allowing the fellow meaningful experiences in several areas of the organization
  • Gain a first-hand understanding of the dynamics of a regional  health system functioning  within a national health system
  • Thorough organizational context that will benefit the fellow in future employment within CHI Health, Catholic Health Initiatives, or the healthcare management field
  • Formal process for leadership development and feedback, allowing the fellow to build on leadership skills throughout the fellowship
  • Ability to participate in and lead projects, contributing towards organizational initiatives while gaining experience that can be applied in future positions 

Benefit to CHI Health:

  • Contributes to the fulfillment of the CHI Health mission through the support of education opportunities for students pursuing leadership roles in the healthcare field
  • Develops strong leaders for CHI Health, Catholic Health Initiatives, and the health care industry
  • Exposes individuals to the philosophy, mission and vision of the organization
  • Fellow provides meaningful contribution to the organization through project leadership/ participation, supporting organizational initiatives in often under-resourced areas