Postpartum Care: After Baby is Born

After labor and delivery, your attention shifts to caring for your new baby—but you also need to take care of yourself. 

Postpartum care might involve managing vaginal tears or a C-section wound, sore breasts, leaking milk, urination problems and hair loss. And it isn't just about your physical health; it also includes your mental wellbeing, from managing mood swings and irritability to coping with sadness and anxiety. 

Throughout your stay at one of our CHI Health Maternity Centers, our nurses will walk you through everything you’ll need to know about postpartum care once you return home.

Caring for Yourself After Delivery

During your hospital stay, you will have access to in-room educational videos to watch at your convenience. Topics include: car seat safety, newborn care and postpartum care after delivery. And, of course, our nurses are always available to answer your questions.

Once you leave the hospital, our nurses are just a phone call away if you have questions during your first days at home. You can also call to schedule an outpatient visit at any time. 

We also encourage you to take advantage of our new baby support groups and classes to ask questions of our experts and get support from other new parents.

Watch for Complications During The Fourth Trimester

Sometimes this time is called "The Fourth Trimester," and there are many things moms should look out for like postpartum preeclampsia, postpartum depression, hemorrhaging, and more.

Insurance Enrollment for your Newborn

This is friendly reminder to enroll your child in your health insurance plan.  You can enroll in health insurance up to 30 days from the birth or adoption of a child. Coverage may include:

  • Labor and delivery services
  • Breastfeeding supplies and equipment
  • Follow up doctor visits
  • Birth complications
  • Supplements
  • Health screenings

To enroll your newborn, call the phone number listed on the back of your insurance card for instructions. If your coverage is through your employer, you may need to coordinate with your human resources or benefits department. Please provide the Maternity Center with a valid copy of your baby’s insurance card once received.