Partial Hospitalization Programs

CHI Health Partial Hospitalization is a short-term, ambulatory, active treatment program to help mental health patients ages eight and older regain balance in body, mind and spirit through therapeutically intensive and structured clinical services. This treatment is for patients who are in acute distress or who have just completed an episode of acute inpatient care. Patients may participate if they are able to function independently and participate actively in the program. 

Partial Hospitalization provides crisis stabilization through daily, intensive programming. Each patient referred is screened to determine the appropriateness of Partial Hospital or Intensive Outpatient care. Upon admission, patients and staff members together develop an individual treatment plan. Patients are treated with an interdisciplinary approach. 

When the patient has met treatment goals and no longer needs the Partial or Intensive outpatient level of care, follow-up outpatient care will be arranged. 

Professionals on the treatment team may include a physician, nurse, mental health therapists, recreational therapists and chaplain. 

Our team provides care that is respectful and compassionate--focused on the individual person. The services we provide are sensitive to the multiple needs of our patients, including the use of trauma-informed approaches to treatment.