On-site Clinics

Some corporations are opening their own on-site medical clinics as a way of controlling health care costs. In the process, they’ve discovered that having a workplace clinic adds value to their organization in many ways, by: 

  • Increasing healthcare quality
  • Increasing employee productivity
  • Encouraging healthy employee work-life behaviors
  • Reducing absenteeism
  • Boosting morale
  • Enhancing employee retention, recruitment efforts and satisfaction.

Better care at a lower cost

An American Association of Occupational Health Nurses study  found “the organization’s worksite clinic provides employee health care services 2 to 3 times more cost-effectively than do off-site health care services.”

Inc. magazine, reported on another company’s experience stating, the on-site clinic’s easy access prompted workers who hadn't seen a doctor in years to get check-ups that uncovered potentially serious conditions, such as hypertension, which can lead to heart attack and stroke. The year before their clinic opened the cost for “shock claims” (heart attacks & strokes) was $225,000. The year after, those costs were reduced to $0.

A completely staffed clinic, located at or near your business

CHI Health is Nebraska and southwest Iowa’s largest health care system and outpatient services provider. We are uniquely qualified to evaluate your healthcare needs and develop an on-site clinic that meets them. Your on-site clinic is managed and operated directly by Alegent Creighton Clinic and staffed by an advanced practice provider or medical doctor according to your organization’s values. Clinic staff are employed, recruited and retained by Alegent Creighton Clinic.

We make it convenient for your employees to get the care they need while reducing time away from work, which increases productivity. Your employees will benefit from the ease of convenient no-hassle appointments to deal with their everyday aches, pains and other ailments. Preventive care and chronic disease management can improve the quality of care and help prevent complications, which can become expensive. Wellness services can help employees get engaged and make the connection between lifestyle changes and a lifetime of health.

A wide range of services is available, including: 

Acute Care
Preventive Care
Occupational Health
Lab Services
Nutritional Services  

  • Family Practice
  • Preventive Care
  • Wellness
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Acute Care
  • Occupational Health
  • Pre-employment physicals
  • Workers' Compensation Injuries
  • Pharmacy
  • Lab Services
  • Nutritional Services

Employer Benefits

  • Cost Savings. Direct savings from a cost-based model, reduced prescription costs and improved disease management.

  • Quality Care. Our providers deliver evidence-based medical care. They uphold commitments that serve our non-profit mission.

  • Partnership. We are dedicated to designing the model that fits your corporation. We start with construction and design, then hire and manage according to your values and culture.

  • Performance Measurement. We design a working dashboard to track and report on key performance indicators.

  • Personalized Solutions. We take the time to meet all your needs and dedicate a liaison to communicate outcomes.

  • Convenience. Employees have easy immediate access to an on-site clinic, making it easier to schedule appointments to fit  their busy schedules

  • Network. Access to the largest integrated health system in the Midwest.

Employee Benefits

  • Cost Savings. Depending on model chosen, employees receive primary care visits at low or no cost.

  • Disease Management. Our providers focus on partnering with employees on managing their diabetes, hypertension and other chronic diseases.

  • Convenience. Employees have easy immediate access to an on-site clinic making it easier to schedule appointments within their busy schedules and reducing lost time

  • Network. Access to the largest integrated health system in the Midwest