Welcome to CHI Health. The non-employee team’s mission is to establish practices surrounding non-employees for the safety and quality of the healthcare provided to our patients and for the security of the information in which we are entrusted. A non-employee is defined as any workforce member who is not an employee of Catholic Health Initiatives. Please review the information below as our processes have changed. We thank you for choosing CHI Health and look forward to working with you. 


We currently use an electronic Non-Employee Workday Request that is filled out by the groups listed below. The Non-Employee Workday Request is started by the CHI Sponsor and is finished by submitting to Human Resources. Please allow 10 business days from submission of Non-Employee Workday Request to obtaining IT access to start.

Sponsor/Manager: Your sponsor or CHI Manager starts the on-boarding process by completing the Non-Employee Workday Request. This is an internal site that only CHI employees can access. If you are unsure who your sponsor is please see the FAQ section for assistance in identifying this person. Sponsor please log into Inside CHI> HR Payroll Connection > Quick Links > Non-Employee Management to start the request form.

Non-Employee: After the sponsor above has started the Non-Employee Workday Request they will send the Non-Employee Workday Request via email to the non-employee to complete their section. The non-employee section may take up to 30 minutes to complete depending on the education that is required. There are saves in the Non-Employee Workday Request if needed.

Non-Employee Employer/School: Depending on the functions of the non-employee we may request background and health attestation. If these documents are required the non-employee will email the Non-Employee Workday Request to the employer/school. A list of items that may be required are in the FAQ section. Our Non-Employee Workday Request uses an attestation page. This means we do not need the actual documents. The employer/school will house the actual documents and if requested can provide them to CHI Health within 3 hours.

When all parties have completed the Non-Employee Workday Request and it has been submitted to Human Resources an email will be sent to all parties to advise it has been completed. HR service goal is 3 business days to enter the non-employee into workday and send an ID back to the sponsor. After a workday ID has been assigned the IT access may be requested.