Patient Testimonials

Great Job!

Recently, I was admitted to the Nebraska Heart Hospital. I was a transport from Phelps Memorial Health Center in Holdrege. From the moment the ambulance doors opened, I was overwhelmed by the care I received from your staff.

I honestly felt as if I was the only patient you had in the entire building. Each and every person that I came in contact with at Nebraska Heart was superb at their job, and had an incredible attitude. All I can say is WOW!!

The nurse responsible for me for the majority of my 24+ hour stay was David. Again…WOW. He went over and above the call of duty for me. The physician was great also. From the first consultation in my room, I felt at ease and that I was in good hands.

My final thought is to tell you how impressed I was even with my exit from the building. The gal that escorted my wife and I out of building was very genuine, and I was very impressed that the lady at the main reception desk stood up and greeted us as we went by her. That was nice.

So many places have employees that give the impression that they are just in it for a paycheck. Obviously, 99.99 percent of us work because we need the paycheck, however; at your facility: I left with the feeling that everyone really, really enjoys their work and helping others.

Great Job!

Dr. Gallagher is wonderful!

While my husband was having his procedure I couldn’t help but worry about him, I needed to be as geographically close to him as I possibly could. I learned that he was on first floor but couldn’t figure out where so I asked the first employee I saw who was NOT someone involved with my husbands care. He told me “But you can’t go in there”, I said “I know, but this way I can be close if something happens.” This employee said “wait here, I will go check for you to make sure everything is going well.”

When he returned he not only found out all was well and assured me of same, he also said they were almost done, maybe 20-30 minutes left. That is just ONE example of the kind of care your staff gives.

After the procedure Dr. Gallagher came to our room and was explaining things to my family. He then comes over to me and said “How are YOU doing?” I find that amazing and touching. I’m sure the number of people we ran into at NHI are triple digit, yet not one single person was anything but nice. Most were better than nice — GREAT!

Thank you!

Lincoln Patient 

On behalf of my family I want to thank you for the excellent job you did during my father’s surgery.  The surgery didn’t take long and his recovery has been smooth sailing.  I don’t have the names of the nurses in surgery, but I want to thank them.  Also want to thank Faith, Mitch, Kristi, and Sara.  During our stay in Lincoln the weather was nasty, but everyone at NHH was caring and professional, leaving us with a good feeling.

Very Nice and Professional

My name is Ray and I was released from your hospital very recently. I just would like to say how very nice and professional your entire staff was to me. All the way from Jeanne (CMA) who admitted me to Dani who was my nurse on the day of my release. My short stay (ICD IMPLANT) was made so very much more enjoyable because of Very Warm, Caring and Affectionate Treatment given to me by these individals…. I mean everyone, including, Dr. Jex and his staff, Mary Baxter, ARPN, the Lab Tech who drew my blood on the morning prior to my release, the Commisary Department. If I have left someone off the list of appreciation please accept my sincere apologies, as everyone that I came into contact with (and there were many) were wonderful.

A special note of appreciation goes out to the three nurses Dani, Nichole and Janis who provided me with outstanding care and did so with such outstanding attitudes. I know their job can be very stressful at times, which makes the professional manner in the way they conduct themselves even more remarkable.

May God Always Bless You, Your Hospital and Your Remarkable Staff