Heart Valve Center

Heart Valve Disease

The heart contains four separate valves: the tricuspid, pulmonary, mitral and aortic. If one or more of these valves does not work correctly, heart valve disease can occur. The job of the heart valves is to open and shut harmoniously, allowing blood flow between the hearts four chambers that are the left and right atrium and left and right ventricle.

If a valve becomes inefficient in helping to control blood flow, this may cause several problems including regurgitation and stenosis. Regurgitation occurs when the valve does not close properly, thus letting blood flow back into a chamber rather than completely into the next chamber or artery. Stenosis is a hardening of the artery or blockage, sometimes resulting from a valve becoming calcified. When this happens, the valve is not letting enough blood flow into the next chamber or artery.

Nebraska Heart Valve Center

At CHI Health Nebraska Heart and Nebraska Heart Institute, physicians, technologists, nursing and support staff stand ready to assist patients and their primary care physician in the treatment of heart valve disease. The Heart Valve Team at Nebraska Heart is made up of cardiologists, surgeons and clinical staff with expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of heart valve disease.

Based on the campus of CHI Health Nebraska Heart in Lincoln, Neb., the heart Valve Team works with physicians from throughout the region to identify patients who may benefit from treatments ranging from medical therapy, interventional cardiology procedures and minimally invasive surgery. The collaborative team at Nebraska Heart truly defines the uniqueness of the program in the region and has helped to establish the Nebraska Heart Institute and hospital as a major referral center in the treatment of heart valve disease.

For more information, please contact the Nebraska Heart Valve Program Coordinator at: (800) NHI-DOCS (644-3627)