Chest Pain Center

The CHI Health Nebraska Heart Chest Pain Center (CPC) is designed to provide you with access to around-the-clock care and counseling following your discharge from the Heart Hospital. CPC care is available without an appointment—simply come to the front door of CHI Health Nebraska Heart and explain your symptoms to our trained cardiac staff. You will be led to a CPC exam room and attended by an NHI physician.

Who should come to the CPC?

Everyone is welcome at the CPC, even if you are not a current or former NHI patient. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, the CPC can help.

  • Chest pressure
  • General feeling of illness after a heart-related surgery
  • Discomfort or drainage at an incision site
  • Fever following a surgical procedure
  • Shortness of breath, leg swelling, or general weakness (especially if you have a history of heart failure)

A patient visiting the Chest Pain Center who is diagnosed with a heart attack or other serious illness, will be admitted to the hospital and appropriate therapy or treatment will be provided by NHI physicians and team members. The close proximity of the Heart Hospital’s cath lab, operating rooms, CT scan and medical laboratory will allow for expedited care.

Please note:

If you believe you are having a heart attack, do not drive and call 911.