About CHI Health Nebraska Heart

CHI Health Nebraska Heart is the region’s premiere facility for cardiac, vascular and thoracic services. The physicians of  Nebraska Heart have created a standard of excellence in caring for patients across the midwest. Today, the same physiciraskaans and philosophy of care provide the foundation for Nebraska’s first exclusive heart hospital.

The hospital opened in May 2003, and has been serving patients with inpatient and outpatient care. The facility is located in southeast Lincoln at 7500 South 91st, north of 91st and Hwy 2.

Our philosophy of care centers on the individual patient. As decisions are made from diagnosis through treatment and rehabilitation, physicians at Nebraska Heart maintain a strong interactive relationship with patients, family and referring physicians. This team-based approach assures that proper and informed decisions are made. At Nebraska Heart, patients will find innovative services delivered efficiently in a caring environment.

Nebraska Heart raises the bar in how we deliver care. Closer proximity of patients to services will improve efficiencies; specialized staff will create better outcomes; and centralization will promote cost-effectiveness. By providing focused care on one specialty, physicians and staff can work together, in partnership, to be the best.

Patients will enjoy the warm, personal atmosphere of a specialty hospital from the moment they enter the facility and are escorted to their room, where they will stay for their entire visit. Our philosophy establishes continuity of care without room-to-room transfers during the hospital stay. State-of-the-art technology allows information to be gathered at the bedside and available to health professionals as well as shared with the patient and their family.

Families are an integral factor in the healing process. Visitors will enjoy carpeted hallways, an abundance of natural light and a full-service cafeteria. Patient rooms include a private bath as well as a hide-a-bed couch that a family member may use for overnight stay. By focusing care and using technologies that center on the patient, the physicians and staff of Nebraska Heart will be able to better care for the patient.

What you will find at Nebraska Heart