"My whole world changed after receiving a delivery from your medical equipment staff."

"I cannot tell you how much I am impressed with Alegent Health. I must tell you how my whole world changed after receiving a delivery from your medical equipment staff.

Your driver was delivering a toilet commode for my husband because he just had hip replacement surgery. He was patiently waiting for me to get off the phone so I could sign a paper.

Well, I happened to be having a big meltdown on the telephone because my grandma was practically being thrown out on the street. She did not  ‘earn’ her 100 days of rehab from Medicare that her insurance company told me she had.

According to [a representative for a care center], ‘It doesn’t matter what kind of insurance you have, you have to earn your days at [the care center].’ (Her exact words.)

Anyways, your delivery man calmed me down. I was pretty much giving up. He explained to me that it doesn’t have to be this hard. (In my mind I was thinking, ‘ha, you have no idea.’

He explained to me that there a profit and non-profit agencies. He said I was going about this in the wrong direction. He gave me the number for Alegent Home Health and Hospice.

I tell you what – those people really cared. They moved fast. At 4:45 on a Friday they got ahold of Grandma’s doctor (that’s a miracle), and got an okay that she needed hospice. The very next day (on a Saturday), they were at assisted living doing an assessment. On Sunday she was moved tinto the most beautiful, amazing place, ‘Josie Harper Hospice House.’

I am so impressed. That delivery man and all the people involved really changed our lives. I had given up. I was convinced society treats animals better than old people, well…not at Alegent Health.

Thank you all for everything, especially my delivery man and Joanne at Hospice House. I believe there is a special place in heaven for caring people like you.

Beth Roth

P.S. :
[The care center] kept telling me I didn’t know what I was talking about with Grandma’s insurance – funny thing we are getting a $1000 refund check. 

Thank you to the Hospice staff at Alegent that helped my family during my mother’s passing. There are not enough words to say thank you to the Hospice staff at Alegent that helped my family during my mother’s passing.  We will be forever grateful for all they did to make her comfortable at home and always being there for us.  >> Read more

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    • "The care provided to my Dad by the Hospice Team far exceeded my expectations. All members of the hospice team were wonderful, kind, compassionate people. They gave my Dad the best of care and helped me get through some tough times in order to take care of my Dad at his home until the very end. My commitment to my Dad to take care of him at home was much more difficult than I ever imagined it would be and the Alegent Health Hospice team was wonderful, helping me to keep that commitment to the end."

    • "Hospice saved my life. My husband, a retired physician, was difficult to care for, but would listen to the hospice nurses. Without them, I would have been lost and unable to deal with the stress being his care-giver created. Thank you."

    • "I knew my Father was well taken care of and it was a great comfort to me and my sister. My Father's comfort was uppermost on the minds of the Hospice Team as well as the 5 South staff. I will be forever grateful to all for the wonderful care my Father received. He truly died a beautiful death--no pain or suffering."

    • "Hospice was the best thing that happened to Mom and our family. They were very understanding, respectful, and loving to Mom and us. I would never have guessed that a death could be so satisfying; knowing that we had done our best and that Mom was not anxious about it. We (Mom, myself, & Hospice Team) spoke of the death often and I was well prepared for it."

    • "My wife, Joanne, died at home April 8th. She had been ill for a long time and it was a peaceful departure. During her last days, she was cared for by helpers from Alegent Health Hospice Home Care. The attention she received was exceptional and it eased her passing very much. I felt that she greatly benefited from the Hospice care. Thank you so much."

    • "Our family wishes to express our sincere and loving admiration for your generous and quality of care of Virginia during her last days with us. Your thoughtfulness, attention and vigilant concerns for her as well as for the family truly exemplify the spirit of quality of care, comfort, and compassion. We will certainly miss Virginia in the weeks and months ahead, but find solace that others were there, who although not knowing her, showed great compassion, love, and respect for another in times of great need. Our sincerest gratitude to you all for all that you have done."

    • "My wife had battled her disease for approximately 4½ years. Finally, she realized the end was near and wanted to go to Hospice, as she felt it would be too much of a burden for her family if she were to remain at home. The quality of care, both medically and spiritually, was excellent. The Hospice team treated my wife, her family, and visiting friends with dignity and respect throughout her stay in Hospice."

    • "It was excellent. We could not have taken care of him without their help. In the end, he had a peaceful death. If there is such a thing at a time like that, it was a rewarding experience; one that could never have taken place anywhere but at home. It helped us with his loss tremendously and it has been a comfort to us since he has been gone. Thank you, thank you, thank you, you all are truly a blessing."

  • "The support that our family received from our Hospice nurse was incredible. She was always there to answer any questions we had. She treated my Mother with such respect and dignity, which was very important to us. She will forever be in our hearts for how she treated Mom. Thank God for caring people like her."