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Our goal is to return patients who have had knee and hip replacement surgery to a more normal, healthy lifestyle.

Hip & Knee

Meet Our Hip & Knee Specialists

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About Hip and Knee Care

CHI Health is dedicated to the care of total knee and total hip replacement patients. Our goal is to return patients who have had joint replacement surgery to a more normal, healthy lifestyle as soon as possible through a program of pre- and post-operative education, specialized treatment and active therapy.

The Joint Replacement Center's care program has been recognized as a center of excellence by demonstrating better overall quality of care and superior outcomes. 

Our comprehensive care includes:

  • Pre-surgery education
  • Dedicated patient care unit
  • Focused care from specially-trained staff
  • Joint Care manager who coordinates care
  • Emphasis on strong family involvement and positive reinforcement
  • Group physical therapy that encourages patients to motivate one another toward recovery
  • Patient education videos and printed materials
  • Assistance in choosing the best rehabilitation option for after discharge
  • Shorter length of stay -- typically three days

A Successful Outcome for Knee and Hip Replacement Begins with Education and Preparation

When you and your doctor decide that knee or hip replacement surgery is right for you, the Joint Replacement Center will thoroughly prepare you for surgery to ensure the best possible outcome. You will be enrolled in a special class, along with others who are having joint replacement surgery, to tour the facility, learn what to expect of the surgery, the recovery and rehabilitation process, and when you can return to your daily activities.

The free pre-operative class reviews critical information from the Joint Replacement Center Notebook. You have ample opportunity to ask questions and get answers to questions asked by classmates that you may not even have thought to ask. You will learn:

  • Exercises to perform before surgery
  • How to prepare yourself for surgery
  • How to prepare home for when you come home from surgery
  • Equipment that you may or will need after surgery
  • A medication review
  • What to expect on the day of surgery
  • Instructions to follow after surgery
  • Exercises to perform after surgery


In the Hospital

During your stay at the Joint Replacement Center hospital unit, you may enjoy meals in the group dining room and interact socially with other patients in the group meeting room. The in-unit group exercise class creates an atmosphere of teamwork, encouragement and camaraderie. This type of group therapy, often referred to as "Joint Replacement Center" participation, helps patients quickly regain strength and movement.

The Joint Replacement Center Team

The Joint Replacement Center team is dedicated to delivering quality care and service excellence for your knee or hip replacement surgery. It includes specially trained and experience board certified orthopedic surgeons, nurses, orthopedic technicians, and physical and occupational therapists specializing in total joint care.

The Joint Care Manager

The Joint Care manager plans will plan your individual treatment program and guides you through the recovery process. Every detail, from pre-operative teaching to post-operative exercising, is reviewed with you..

Home Care

Most patients return home immediately after their stay at the Joint Replacement Center, and may be referred to CHI Health Home Care or a transitional care unit, with each patient’s specific needs considered, including nursing, home health aides, and physical and occupational therapy. Family members are given instructions on how they can assist at home.

If you require additional rehabilitation after discharge from the hospital, a social service/case manager will assist you with arranging home health care/outpatient therapy or if they need placement to skilled nursing facility or acute rehabilitation center and get insurance authorization.

Physical Therapy

Following surgery and dismissal, you are given detailed information and instructions for home exercises. To help make a smooth transition back to a more normal level of activity, you may be referred to an CHI Health Physical Therapy Clinic.

On The Road To Recovery

Joint replacement has helped many sufferers of osteoarthritis achieve a better quality of life that is free from pain. Joint replacement has become a routine procedure. The latest statistics show more than 719,000 total knee and 332,000 total hip replacement surgeries are performed annually in the United States. (Source:, however, the decision to have any type of surgery can be difficult and should be discussed with both your physician and family.

Learn More

The Joint Replacement Center sponsors free community education seminars. Our Joint Pain Seminars allow you to learn more about the causes of hip and knee pain and the latest treatments, plus tips about exercise and medications.