The primary function of CHI Health Good Samaritan's Trauma Program is to promote high-quality care of trauma patients from time of injury through dismissal from the hospital. In addition, the hospital is actively involved in trauma prevention efforts in Kearney and surrounding communities.

Level II Trauma Center

Good Samaritan is verified by the American College of Surgeons (ACS) as a Level II Trauma Center. Verification by the ACS demonstrates that Good Samaritan has met stringent criteria reflecting commitment, excellence and assurance of high quality care for all trauma patients.

Many people have the misconception that trauma care involves only the ambulance system and the emergency department, but it actually involves much more. As a trauma center, GSH provides all the resources needed to care for injured patients from the pre-hospital phase through the rehabilitation phase, including staff, equipment and expertise. Care of trauma patients is a team effort involving everyone in the hospital from housekeeping to X-ray, and from pharmacy to physicians.

Comprehensive Quality Improvement

The trauma program's comprehensive quality improvement program assures constant surveillance of the overall program as well as individual patient care. This attention to detail keeps the trauma program running in top-notch form.

Good Samaritan is one of only a handful of hospitals in the nation that operates both a ground and air ambulance service as part of our trauma program and in support of the other medical specialties offered by our facility.  Our ground ambulance service provides emergency Advanced Life Support response to Buffalo County and surrounding communities as well as long distance basic, advanced and critical care transportation of patients from one facility to another throughout Nebraska.  Good Samaritan AirCare, our organization’s air ambulance service, provides both inter-facility and scene response for critically ill and injured patients throughout central Nebraska and northern Kansas.  Good Samaritan is proud of its long-standing relationship with Rodgers Helicopter Services, LLC in providing our air ambulance operation to this region for more than three decades.

The trauma program serves as an educational and clinical resource for local and regional trauma service providers, including physicians, nurses, paramedics and other clinical personnel involved in the care of injured patients. This is accomplished through such activities as workshops, presentations and regularly updated mailings to communities in the surrounding referral area.

In addition, trauma prevention efforts in Kearney and surrounding communities help boost public awareness through many forums including bike rodeos, classes promoting responsible decision-making -- seat belt use and drinking and driving, car seat safety and numerous other programs. 

The emergency department at CHI Health Good Samaritan is also always available and is equipped to treat critical illnesses and serious injuries.

Our Trauma Team at Good Samaritan

Kendee Koster, PA-C

General Surgery

Brittney J. Maloley-Lewis, DO

Robot-assisted Surgery,
General Surgery

Jeffrey T. Merz, MD

Robot-assisted Surgery,
General Surgery

Brady J. O'Hare, MD

Robot-assisted Surgery,
General Surgery

William Thomas Sorrell, MD

General Surgery


CHI Health Good Samaritan AirCare is the longest operating original air ambulance service in Nebraska. Since the inception of our program, we have shared a business partnership with Rodgers Helicopter Service, LLC to provide the aviation support of our service. Accredited by CAMTS*, AirCare is also one of the safest, fastest and most advanced emergency medical services in the state.

Choose AirCare, here’s why:

AirCare transports patients in a Bell 429. Light and agile for scene mission response with a 172 mph cruising speed.

Other features of the Bell 429:

  • XM Aviation Weather with Nexrad radar
  • Radar Altimeter
  • Helicopter Terrain Avoidance Warning System
  • Air Traffic Collision Avoidance Warning System
  • Capabilities of Category A performance for departures and landings
  • Single-pilot Instrument Flight Rules rated
  • Onboard satellite communications and tracking
  • High intensity LED lighting in the patient cabin
  • Configured for night vision goggle use

AirCare’s equipment and staff are prepared to transport two patients without notice. Especially helpful for an accident involving multiple patients.

AirCare is based at Good Samaritan, a verified ACS Level II Trauma Center and AHA Chest Pain and Stroke Center. Being hospital-based, also allows staff immediate access to lifesaving products like blood and critical care medications that can be carried onboard.

AirCare will transport patients to any medical facility the provider requests

*Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Services